5.2.2024. 11pm IST
A massive alteration in our shelter home which could have caused serious injuries either to the care giver or to the inmate goan lady suffering from severe mental disabilities.
We all read or see or hear ” how a mother killed a child or a boyfriend killed a girl ” etc ?
Well when one is on psychiatric medication and you suffer from hallucinations then at that crucial time its next to impossible to stop the psychiatric person from doing what was planned in the mind.
Well few days back , one highly psychiatric goan lady in our home went beserck..
This goan lady is evey week physically taken to IPHB for evaluation and has been admitted numerous times in the IPHB .
But it's just not giving any results.
She is an Unwed mother, was raped or impregnated on the streets and as far as I know she has delivered 2 babies which both were given for adoption thru CWC.
One delivery happened before she was admitted witn us and one happened when she was just within two days of her being admitted into our home from IPHB.
Comes from a broken family where all are either psychiatric or sick and bed ridden.
Last 3 years under our care and taking treatment at IPHB .
She is an old patient of IPHB and brought thru Goa Police who has been referred by IPHB for care and rehabilitation in our home.
Few days back, she tied her own hair nice and tight in a towel after bath and I am sure she planned to attack the care giver due to some hallucinations issues
All of a sudden she started hitting and pulling the care giver hair and the grip was so tight that the care giver was in too much pain that she just could not defend herself or pull the this psychiatric goan lady hair back as she had tied it nice and tight.
Other two care givers tried to break free but it took full 3 minutes of WWF and pulling and pushing to get that grip loosened.
All captured on mobile as that's how we work.
Late that night she was taken to IPHB where the doctor on duty took more than 3 hours to get the admission done as the psychiatric goan lady by that time had finished her hallucinations so was talking other matters which made the doctor feel we are just trying to get the lady admitted into the IPHB without any valid reason.
Now the frustrations of mine starts and I am going to hit the streets soon both at IPHB & DHS as these are the genuine reasons :
》1. Why are all our shelter Homes not given the same medical facilities as given to PROVEDORIA 
inspite of an Order being issued by THE DHS clearly starting ” every 15 days each PHC will visit our STREET PROVIDENCE Homes situated in that area ” ?
》2. PROVEDORIA has about 240 inmates and we have about 180 inmates 
But we have 135 + psychiatric poor goans in our homes and PROVEDORIA has less than that, but IPHB sends their Psychiatrist to all PROVEDORIA Homes
We demand same facility from IPHB as given to PROVEDORIA 
》3. I have never ever seen PROVEDORIA staff coming to IPHB to admitt such chronic mental patients so that means 3 things – 
☆ a. either they are not having such chronic psychiatric patients who require admission especially night time into IPHB 
☆ b . the chronic patients from PROVEDORIA are directly admitted into IPHB as and when required
☆ c. We are often recommended by IPHB all the chronic patients who are not getting admission into PROVEDORIA.
We demand Max 1 hour of paper work especially after office hours incase we have trouble in our homes and urgent admission is required at IPHB.
Now coming back to this goan lady :
》1. If we don't accept her back into our home then 
this is what might happen : 
☆ a. She becomes a permanent inmate of IPHB and one day gets a bed in Provedoria or 
☆ b. IPHB has cell which goes to such patients family and through coercion & strong techniques without seeing the ground reality makes the family come to IPHB & sign the discharge and after that IPHB responsibility ends
☆ c. This goan lady goes back to her village in interior parts of Goa , gets again raped and assaulted and pregnant as she has no family to actually handle her and again through the police 
now pregnant will be brought for admission with The Magistrate Order to IPHB who will be compelled to admitt.
》2. We on humanitarian grounds take this psychiatric poor Goan lady back into our homes as long as all our demands are fulfilled by both THE DHS & IPHB.
And this is only 1 case I am highliting.
We have 60 women in our shelter homes suffering from different types of severe psychiatric disabilities and even IPHB at times might have that no of  inmates in their institute as to the no of ladies inmates we care for.
In the last 1 year, I am seeing a huge change in the IPHB attitude towards treatment of poor people with disabilities. 
I have complained to The Disability Commissioner to look into this matter a couple of days back, but no reply.
The Government of Goa / Health Minister who is also The Women & Child Minister has these options :
☆ 1. Listen to our genuine issues.

☆ 2. Treat us on par ” where medical facilities are concerned ” with PROVEDORIA .

☆ 3. Give Strict instructions to IPHB & GMC that all admissions from STREET PROVIDENCE to be handled quickly without time wasting.
And mind you these are women homes only we are talking about.
There are another 120 men who 70 + are on Severe psychiatric medication and 20 men are suffering from physical disabilities. 
Plus there are TB & HIV inmates also on psychiatric medications.
Most of our poor goan inmates are admitted into our homes on a recommendation letter from the local MLA & The local Sarpanch.
⭕ ⭕ Please do support our fight against the injustice done to our NGO in regard to the ” medical facilities ” denied to us as compared to PROVEDORIA by THE DHS & IPHB and GMC.
Either :
we get what we are demanding or 
we stop accepting highly chronic, unstable, beyond medical repairs goan ladies.
But we can't taking risks of our care givers getting brutally assaulted in our Homes.
Tomorrow if anything drastic happens due to such complicated and unruly behavior by such chronic persons suffering from mental disabilities then everyone starts blaming the NGO for taking Government grants and not doing proper service. 
As of today Government grants in this house was Rs 2500 per lady for 21-22  & Rs 2500 per lady for 22-23.
So it's peanuts to look after such Chronic mental patients with disabilities. 
Please leave your comments if you Have read the entire long post .
It's good to know what you would do if you were in my shoes.
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God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
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