20.1.2024. 7pm IST 
♡♡♡ A former IPS officer, Sir Bosco George has worn many hats during his 35 years of public Service.
》A Deputy Inspector General of Police ( DIG ) , 
》A Secretary to The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, 
》An Inspector General of Prisons,
》An Aide-de-Camp, to The Governor of Goa (ADC),
》& various other posts.
1.2.23 , Sir Bosco George dons a new hat and a rather strange one ” Volunteer Street Providence “
And very soon it's going to be a one year anniversary.
A freak connection way back in 2019 , where by an unclean man in his locality needed rehabilitation which we obliged.
This incident brought one of the most sincere, upright, honest, soft spoken, Top Goan Cop, 
Sir Bosco George face to face with Donald Fernandes, a few who would claim to be abrupt and brash at times and often I am called rude.
Well, our mission of ” ending hunger & homelessness ” caught the imagination of Sir Bosco George. 
Two years Well before his retirement, Sir Bosco pledged to work with our NGO as a volunteer and he stood by that pledge.
Usually retd IPS Officers are in big demand by Corporates , Airports , Casinos, etc as they are worth their weight in Gold.
I know quite a few have asked Sir Bosco directly or indirectly ” how in heavens does he manage to serve the NGO , Especially when it's run by Donald ? “.
And there are so many other questions which so many are looking for answers.
His interview of 15 min will answer everything as we @ Street Providence are very very clear in our field work and our service to the poor , the hungry and those suffering various disabilities and turning homeless.
Sir Bosco George is briefed regularly by me about all our future plans across all spectrums of work so that he plans his retirement days without stress.
Having Sir Bosco George Retd IPS on our team resulted in our Manipur relief mission going exactly to plan as Goa to Manipur is one way 4000 kms and with his commitment inspite of the high risks we were able to do so much work across entire Manipur.
Next year as we set up homes beyond the shores of India , I have requested Sir Bosco George to take charge of this project.
Which he has consented.
That's the level of COMMITMENT from Sir Bosco George. 
Although I am not sure whether Sir Bosco George will approve this ” Street Providence has a problem solver, a trouble shooter, a fine tuner , a person to go to & that's where Sir Bosco plays his part – PROFESSIONAL FULL TIME VOLUNTEER “.
It's not easy working either full-time as an employee or as a full time volunteer @ Street Providence as our work is complex and often I am very demanding but it's very challenging and takes you places one has not seen, shows you experiences one will never ever find in a book or a movie.
The purpose of this post is to highlight that more retired Government officials should attempt to volunteer with our NGO just like Sir Bosco George is doing and togther we can make this world a better place to live.
Let's keep aside loose talk , apprehensions , unwanted emotions, character assistinations, judgmental decisions about working styles of NGOs and work together to bring about a change by entering the system. 
Sir Bosco George has brought alot of new ideas and positive energy in the last 1 year of his association with Street Providence as a full time volunteer and all our Trustees ,our staff , our volunteers and our inmates are proud to have such a wonderful person as part of our team.
Please do watch the interview , leave your comments and share with others who might be willing to be the change.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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