15.1.2024. 7pm IST
Strange it may sound ” mother and brother refuses to acknowledge that this goan lady is their daughter & sister as a result she is unwanted, homeless, living for years on the streets and now has developed a sort of cancer as she has turned white.
Well sounds shocking and it's freaking shocking that even Verna police station could not help her as her home is in Sancoale which she says is worth crores of Rupees.
Ester or Sneha as her adhar card shows is about 45 to 50 years old and is very weak, requires monthly blood transfusion,  has a bone marrow surgery to be done,  severe bouts of depression and absolutely unwanted by all her family members due to some mistake she made many years back which today makes her live in this state.
1 year back she was brought to our home by Fatorda Police and we realized that she requires blood transfusion every month.
We treated her every month and we ended up spending over a lakh of rupees on her which we felt was our service to humanity.
But one day she was shifted to GMC for blood transfusion cum some medical procedures , i think she has BONE MARROW operation to be done and we were told to sign some papers which was not possible as she told the doctors that her family stays in Sancoale and that meant we were not entitled to sign those papers .
We took her back to Verna police station and the cops called the family but they refused.
She was later sent to the One stop Service place in South Goa run by Mrs Auda Viegas who found her difficult to handle as she is also psychiatric in nature.
She was then sent to a home in Taleigao where I am sure she stayed for a month but being so sick it's impossible they could have helped her as much, as no one takes care the way we do.
She requires weekly hospital check up at district hospital and monthly check up at IPHB.
No one is going to do this service for a lady whose tongue is loose and ungrateful but that's her mental state as she is unwanted and unloved by all.
So again she has been on the streets.
She visited many convents & other homes where she has stayed in the past but non could keep her more than a day as she is too complicated and weak in her body.
Even when she was brought to the Colva police station from an old aged home in benaulim , the cops did not take her seriously and told her go to Vasco police station. 
And this was just 4 days back story.
We just celebrated Birth of Jesus christ and we know that no one opened their doors to baby Jesus parents as they were poor and had no money. 
Everyone just refused them entry.
Same is the situation with Ester or Sneha.
But we are always keeping our doors wide open 24*7 * 365 days .
Anyone and everyone is welcome. 
We always have extra beds but all admissions through the police only .
This is how I personally celebrate CHRISTMAS all year round.
Everyday is my Christmas but on 25th Dec to 31st December is my holiday as that's the time I spend with the family – no work.
Today we were slightly free so I got Hassan Khan from Vasco to get her off the streets where she was sleeping at Vasco Railway station.
We this time will end up spending more money on her treatment and will sign her papers as she has a right to live even if she has family who does not want her back home.
Her life will be short but we will give her the best we can even though she is really ungrateful , difficult to handle, a very sick person, no care giver will she agree with, argues ,fight and grumbles about everything and anything.
We will reach out to as many as we can irrespective of their medical condition and do the best we can. 
♡♡♡ Thanks to Director of Social Welfare Department, Mr Ajit for providing the government jeep from his department to ferry this lady back to the shelter home at Guirim from Vasco police station.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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