2.12.2023. 7pm IST 
♡♡♡ GOAN WELFARE SOCIETY, KUWAIT donates two brand new cars to our NGO this evening towards our rehabilitation program of ending 
Tomorrow 3.12.2023 , Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas blesses these two new cars at a simple function in the presence of committee members of Goan Welfare Society.
On the occassion of International day for Persons with Disabilities ( PWDs) , we at 
Street Providence committ to increase our capacity from 240 beds to 500 beds in the coming entire year of 2024 only in Goa.
To increase the capacity means increasing :
Homes , Staff, Nurses , Vechiles , Care givers &
naturally DONATIONS thru BENEFACTORS have to increase.
Many people assume :
》NGOs make alot of money.
》They just collect funds and make noise.
》Running NGOs is a good source of income.
and so on.
Well @ Street Providence it's just the opposite.
Our work is the most complicated and complex looking after people with mental & physical disabilities. 
Yes donations are always received but see the non stop work our NGO does through so many projects towards the poorest of the poor in Goa & across few states of India.
Many times I am aware that people get jealous or envy to the rate of our growth of our NGO.
Yes we have grown tremendously is a very short span of time but that is due to our COMMITMENT & COMPASSION in the field of caring and rehabilitating poorest of the poor suffering from mental disabilities especially Goans.
Running FREE shelter homes for those with mental disabilities requires alot of money and donations have to come daily.
Today our disability ratio is 1 : 5 in our country.
We are the only registered NGO In Goa providing FREE CARE  for so many  people with mental disabilities through our 10 homes in Goa.
Goa lacks homes for :
☆ Dimentia 
☆ Parkinson
☆ Intellectual Disabilities 
☆ Children with mental disabilities 
Can you believe there are no rehabilitation Homes in Goa for children with mental disabilities both girls & boys.
I am sure even IPHB is not having separate wards for children with disabilities.
In 2024 , we intend to bridge the above gaps.
Of late our homes are admitting children as young as 19 , 20 , 21 and these children are on psychiatric medication for 5 to 6 years meaning they have lost their minds at 15 to 16 years old mainly due to drugs.
People on the streets are plenty but the administration is taking it lightly and not bothered.
We have a comparison of Dec 22 v/s Dec 23 of the types of inmates & the no. of inmates.
( Chart attached )
You will clearly see that it's more GOANS we rehabilitate than non goans. (for non goans our homes are starting soon in Maharashtra & Karnataka.We have homes in Jharkhand already)
We are slowly but surely only focusing in GOA only on poor goans suffering from all types of disabilities as the present administration has terribly failed to gauge the need for homes for all sections of disabilites especially Poor Goans.
We @ Street Providence will fill that GAP come what may , but surely we FEEL The Government will support this burning issue of SHELTER HOMES FOR PEOPLE WITH MENTAL DISABILITIES. 
We are unable to acquire homes for men and that's why last many months we have gone slow on homeless men.
Moment we stop taking the homeless the no. on the streets increase,  but our 4 men's homes are unable to accept more due to water shortage as well as sanitation issues.
Praying that in the new year 2024, we get big homes to take in more homeless men with priorty being our own Goans.
We thank GOAN WELFARE SOCIETY, Kuwait for donating these two new cars towards a worthy cause run by Street Providence. 
The most satisfying part is ” non of the committee members have met me till now , but all our communications have happened through phone and whatsapp messages and yet they have given us the cars today , it's only tomorrow we meet face to face at the time of blessings the cars “.
To all BENEFACTORS who believe our work , we thank you for the support towards NGO.
To those who might be slandering or trying to maline our NGO , we pray for you.
Just imagine ” would you donate two cars to an NGO without meeting the receipient ? “.
We are here to work & serve our poor goans especially those homeless and those suffering from mental disabilities and we have less time to sit , chat and discuss things which now can be done through technology.
To all clubs , associations, groups of people, companies , etc  please do come forward to support us in 2024 as we increase our capacity from 240 beds to 500 beds.
All communications through whatsapp messages on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848