3.12.2023. 7pm IST 
Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas after his appointment as Bishop of Daltonganj Diocese, Jharkhand on 30.11.2023, today blessed our 2 cars donated by Goan Welfare Society, Kuwait at his sister residence in Camorlim , Salcette Goa.
It's a Maruti wagon R & a Maruti Eco .
Economical not fancy, base models.
A link of the blessings of the cars is attached here.
This is Bishop Theodore 1st visit to Goa after his full time appointment as Bishop of Daltonganj and this was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to receive his blessings.
For the record,  Street Providence has just 1 shelter home at the moment in Daltonganj diocese for the homeless but more can be opened in the new year.
3rd December is celebrated as :
◇ St Francis Xavier Feast Day &
◇ International day for Persons with Disabilities.
It's also the 1st Sunday of Advent.
And Bishop Theodore also happened to be in Goa.
The executive committee members & the families of Goan Welfare Society , Kuwait was also present at this simple function namely:
♡♡ Julio Cardozo & family 
♡♡ Alex Coelho & family 
♡♡ Rabindra Pimenta
♡♡ Mario Rebelo & family
The blessed cars were handed over to our Advisors/ volunteers Namely :
☆ Sir John Shilshi Retd IPS 
☆ Sir Bosco George Retd IPS 
A link of the hand over of the cars is attached here 
We value the association of Goan Welfare Society, Kuwait towards our NGO & it reflects on our services towards the poorest of the poor in Goa which captured their desire to donate to a worthy cause.
Not an easy committe to handle as today most people understand NGOs as a money making racket.
But that's not how STREET PROVIDENCE operates.
I have my shortcomings and faults as individual as its a complicated area of complex services I run but no individual is greater than an organization.
And this is what 99% benefactors have understood.
Benefactors donate towards the NGO & the NGO is not a one man show but trustees , Staff,  volunteers & advisors.
Some liking me or not liking me is now a thing of the past as most benefactors are aware that everything at Street Providence is strictly through whatsapp messages even the donations.
Belive me these 2 cars to get to Street Providence took almost 1 month and the amount of communication that went through was 90% through messages and today was the 1st time the Executive committee members met me face to face.
Most of their committe members are senior citizens with the eldest being 75 years old.
Elders are always wanting to be sure their money is going to the right entity.
I belive – I am doing no one a favour and the  benefactor is doing himself/ herself a service by giving a donation no matter if it's only rs 1000 or rs 10 lacs.
Many times people are unhappy or disappointed about my tone or not taking calls but insisting only through whstsapp messages. 
》1st , I have a very harsh tone, it's by default.
》2nd, I have too many tasks at hand simultaneously it's called MULTI – TASKING.
》3rd for those who are unaware ” I work in a company full time last 13 years and it's a sales job so it's not possible to answer all calls “.
We have completed 6 full years of service to the poor strictly only through whatsapp messages and that system is here to stay.
We are here on a mission.
Nothing is permanent 
We come with nothing and go with nothing.
It costs one nothing to bring cheer and joy to the poorest of the poor.
If you cannot feed or help one poor person no issue,  sit quite, but don't condemn and criticise those working under pressure to feed and care for the poorest of the poor.
Whatever one owns  is this world is not ours to keep, but we are only the custodians.
There are GENUINE NGOs who work for the poor and you need to find them & fund them.
It's only in giving you will receive.
Advent signifies – Lord Jesus bring LIGHT into the darkness hence the 4 candles. 
You and i  too can and are also called to bring LIGHT in so many little ways , but today are you doing that?
Are you ready to share the LIGHT through your resources with those suffering from conflict, sickness , hunger , homelessness , displacement, abandonment ?
Or is it only I , ME, MY FAMILY, MY FREINDS ?
All others out especially NGOs , all out , no concern?
Suffering and non stop conflicts are what the World is facing and who suffers – the poor, the little children , the women , the elderly, those with disabilities. 
We Pray & thank God that more associations like GOAN WELFARE SOCIETY , KUWAIT , come forward to support our work in Goa, India and soon across the shores of India.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848