28.11.2023. 7pm IST 
Donate your Preloved old clothes to Street Providence(its a 12 months drive)
This was a post we put out 1 month back.
In just 30 days,  we collected 3600 good clothes from more than 46 generous goans who also willingly gave us the donation to take their clothes and some benefactors gave even more, understanding the costs and difficulties in running this clothes collection.
Watch the above link,  see the joy and excitement in the gentleman who gave away 300 clothes. 
 The most touching part Of all these 46 benefactors was a gentleman from Margao, Mr Loyola :
》who collected 300 clothes ,
》Got them washed, ironed & laundered ,
》Put them in boxes with systematic packing,
》& gave us the full donation for 300 clothes.
We just had to pick up , store it and distribute them to the needy. 
He could have bargained and said ” see its all washed, folded, ironed , boxed well and packed , so why pay you Rs 5000 for 30 clothes “.
But he was generous and that too cheerfully.
For as little as Rs 5000 we come to your doorstep and accept 30 clothes in any condition.
By these 46 generous goan benefactors donating their clothes and their money see how so many benefitted :
☆ 1. We sent 1600 warm clothes to Manipur in our 4th truck on 18th Nov as winter sets in soon.
☆ 2. ARZ an NGO which runs a laundry where trafficked rehabilited women are employed got business as all these clothes went to this unit , some clothes are yet to go to the laundry.
☆ 3. Our NGO too got some donations towards our rehabilitation homes for people with mental disabilities. 
☆ 4. These 46 benefactors brought in new energy into their homes as these clothes were of no use but only occupying space & disturbing the mind.
☆ 5. But THE MOST IMPORTANT ” these 46 people spirituality got blessings from so many poor people who will wear and will benefit from these clothes”.
☆ 6. Mother Earth got spared hypothetically if these clothes were just thrown into the bins.
Quite a few people are unhappy ” why pay you to take our clothes “.
Well our shelter homes are not in need of so many clothes.
We are providing these clothes to the poorest of the poor in Goa & across India and there are huge costs in our organized & systematic clothes drive.
Rest we leave to you to donate your clothes with a donation or just leave it in your cupboard for some other day , month or even a year.
No force, but pay and we take your clothes.
Give cheerfully and receive abundantly.
Your donations bring food , shelter & medicines to so many poor people suffering from mental disabilities in all our shelter homes in Goa & across India.
All communications through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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