22.11.23. 7pm IST
If you see any naked or semi naked lady walking on the streets in GOA only , please do stop and call the local police and see that help is reached or whatsapp us on 8380097564.
Mental disabilities / Psychiatric sickness makes one walk without clothes at times.
Why ?
Many times it's because the voices in their head told them to. Public nudity by the mentally ill seems to occur most often as part of other hallucinations and distortions of reality.
It's not that one purposely takes off their clothes especially ladies and walk around semi naked / naked.
Society needs to be little sensitive towards such Sad and pathetic situations rather than making fun and condemning the family.
Recently we took in a middle aged divorced 
goan lady who was in a particular city roaming around naked / semi naked but now under rehabilitation.
A chronic case of mental disabilities leading to an extent that having clothes on or no clothes made no difference to her.
Few years back was admitted into our home but was too hyper and complicated to handle and family members took her away.
But GOD has his own plans & after 5 years by sheer coincidence/ God's way , same lady is now in our Home being rehabilitated. 
Usually I seldom visit the IPHB (mental hospital) as I get upset seeing so many suffering people and yet I look after 150+ psychiatric poor people in our shelter homes. 
On a particular day I was passing by the IPHB & something Said ” go inside and meet the manager Sapnesh ” as he was in the IPHB with our inmates.
As i entered the IPHB , an elderly parent who I know by face approached me and said ” please help me, my daughter is in bad shape”
I looked around and the daughter was there with a stick and a stone in her hand and a swollen face one side.
Totally hammered on the streets i assume and disoriented.
Got Sapnesh to deal with the elderly parent while I requested the Consultant Dr to admitt without any attendant as the parent is 77+ and too poor to pay for a care giver.
I assured the Consultant Dr that within two weeks of admission & treatment we will 100% rehabilitate directly into our home.
Consultant Dr was kind enough to admitt .
We have one PRINCIPAL @ Street Providence regarding IPHB Bambolim ” If we commit to rehabilitate a patient who we have admitted / recommended for admissions into IPHB , then on the day of discharge we will 100% take to our homes”.
And basically because of our commitment that many times IPHB accepts our requests and admitts.
Else we have PLAN B to get the person admitted.
And that PLAN B is not what any Consultant Dr can refuse and we seldom use PLAN B.
Same lady patient has been for years being admitted into IPHB, discharged, does not take medication, again roams on-the-streets, abuses and throws stones And hit and abused by public, picked up by cops and cycle continues. 
To an extent Cops too are at times fed up as the elderly parent can't do much as the lady patient does not take medication.
This time I am given to understand the lady patient stripped/ semi naked and roaming the city.
And city people are talking and making fun which is not humane.
This lady patient is now admitted into our home and medication is being administered but it will take two full years to get her fully stabilised as for close to 15 years + she is totally disoriented and totally suffering from other mental disabilities plus schizophrenia.
Its going to be difficult to handle but possible to cure and heal only with TIME, LOVE ,HUMANITY & MEDICINES. 
Blabbering adult stuff, talks dirty language, sings vulgar songs but that's common as medication will take time to Penetrate the nervous system slowly but surely.
But there is light at the end of this tunnel for the agony & suffering of this middle aged goan woman.
Once the parent passes away then what?
We have mastered the ART of getting such people help, to an extent they can stay in a shelter home as normal person but not alone where no one knows if one has taken the medication or not.
Like this case , I know close to 10 such poor goan ladies roaming around semi naked and very violent always throwing stones in different places but it's something I cant do alone to get help to them.
It's SOCIETY that needs to be alert & sensitive.
The need of the hour is more psychiatric shelter homes to take in so many such patients who have practically no place to call home and no one at home to call family.
Street Providence is fighting a freaking loosing battle ALONE currently in Goa and its not easy as the bills keep mounting, admissions keep increasing and we keep opening new shelter homes so that OUR OWN POOR GOANS get a place to call HOME and FAMILY to live with.
You need to support us as we support so many such Sad and disheartening true cases of mental disabilities and homelessness and it's only GOANS who were are taking in.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848