8.11.2023. 7pm IST 
In exactly 10 days from today , our 4th truck leaves to The Relief Camps with Special Goan Christmas sweets ( and other relief material).
And we are just at 2000 boxes of the set target of 10000 boxes of Cookies & Bebinca boxes.
Lots of people are asking me why Christmas sweets and not dry ration ?
Well here the link will tell you the answer.👇
A MNC company from Verna Industrial Estate , Verna Goa has been kind enough to donate a huge qty of dry ration to 500 families , for the next 6 months which started in Oct 2023.
Well most of the dry ration is always rice as that's the staple food and is easily available in entire Manipur.
Also edible oil & other basic items were given.
And another MNC company from Bangalore has almost finalized : 
☆ Baby food for 1500 children , 
☆ Skimmed milk powder for 1600 families ,
☆ Flasks for 500 families ,
☆ Storage boxes for 500 families.
And we are providing relief material to both communities in equal districts of Manipur.
The suffering and the pain is in both sections of society & hunger and homelessness knows no religion, caste or creed.
We as AID workers are have been working on the ground in Manipur through the Archdiocese of Imphal and this 500 families identified in Churachandpur district were selected from more than 15 villages / relief camps. 
In the coming month of November we will be providing 500 families dry ration in Imphal district and the staff is on the ground listing &  verifying the poorest of the poor.
For Diwali , 1000 sweet boxes are on the way to Imphal and due to an economic blockade we are unable to get these boxes from Guwahati to Imphal.
Quite a couple of more MNC are showing interest in providing some relief material, based on our requirements for those still in Various relief camps across Manipur as winter is just around the corner.
Already we have sent 9200 new Blankets &
Close to 2000 pcs of warm clothing is going in this 4th truck.
Most people may have forgotten The people in camps in Manipur but the situation is yet to get back to what it was.
It's taking time but surely with All our prayers Peace will return very soon.
Some lockdown or the other happens in one district or the other quite often due to so many reasons and it's the poor people who suffer.
We still require your support to raise another 8000 boxes of :
》CREAMUX Cookies @ rs 200 a box and 
》REGOs Bebinca @ rs 100 a box. 
It's Christmas season and it's just a little way to cheer up people who have been affected by the displacement for over 6 months and counting.
So please don't worry why we are not giving dry ration and giving Christmas sweets .
We are giving dry ration , baby food etc in the coming months and I feel more MNCs will be giving us relief items for those in Relief camps.
Christmas will be a quite affair this year for those displaced and we are only trying to bring that little extra smile on their face with the Christmas hamper. 
We need to get as many as we can these Christmas Hampers of :
》CREAMUX Cookies @ rs 200 a box and 
》REGOs Bebinca @ rs 100 a box. 
If you require help in getting these Creamux Cookies or Regos Bebinca organized please be free to contact the nos on the poster or please whatsapp me on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848