7.11.2023  8 pm IST 
Educated but yet not motivated, preferred for years to live on the streets in Panjim city, inspite of suffering a mild stroke.
It took me 4 full years to convince him to get off the streets and live in a home and one day about 2 years back out of hunger & frustration.
Mr Anirudh Gokhale himself Said to me ” I want to come to the shelter home,  I am tired on the streets “.
The below link tells you his life story .👇
He was given Physiotherapy and little exercises and as the stroke was mild, he did not suffer much.
And today Mr Gokhale is refreshed and incharge of our biggest and most complicated men's home where he has a team with him to run this home.
Last year again he was determined to go back to nowhere and just idle his time but a little bit of hard counseling and practical picture of his past on the streets for many years and his rehabilitation improvement made him stay back.
It's difficult at times convincing and putting sense into people who have lived years on the streets about how they destroy their life on streets but that urge for alcohol , tobacco or just fast life makes them want to go back even after years of rehabilitation with all facilities.
We have now certain rules in our shelter homes.
One thing  – once any one leaves our home , we seldom take them back .
Two – we are reducing the intake of non goans as they get rehabilitated and again leave and go back to the life on the streets and come back after few months in worse conditions which really irritates me as we have to restart the rehabilitation which costs us a bomb.
Most non goans on the streets assume and feel that shelter homes are a cozy place to come, eat sleep, enjoy life , get free treatment and when season starts go to the beach side, earn, drink and then live on the streets and some shelter home will take them in during the summer & rainy season.
We have understood their mind frame very well and that's why we are more focused on the goans who are homeless, poor and suffering from mental disabilities.
We are starting Shelter homes in different states of India free of cost and all those from other states need to go back to their respective state and get rehabilitated and live in their state.
Goa Police should take this offer of ours seriously and attempt to send back those beggars and migrants living in Goa on the streets to our homes across different states.
From 1.1 2024 all our 10+ shelter homes in Goa will only accept GOANS either who are genuinely homeless, poor or suffering from all types of sickness and any disabilities. 
Before I end , it's very satisfying to have got 
Mr Gokhale back to being a big blessings to himself and to so many in our homes with he being the incharge and explaining to them why they should not live on the streets.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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