4.11.2023. 8pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA rescues and reached out to this Maharashtrain man, Mr  ShriKrishna, just outside GMC hospital, with his leg full of worms & maggots, while many saw him in miserable state but just ignored him.
Why ?
Because it's assumed that all homeless living like him on the streets in Goa will be rescued, picked up, cleant & rehabilitated by Street Providence.
So everyone calls us.
That was something we used to do earlier. 
Now we are slowly getting out / reducing the  picking up homeless from the Streets as THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT LISTENING TO OUR GENUINE DIFFICULTIES.
We have issued a letter to DGP, Goa Police almost 6 months back,  stating that from 1.1.24 we will not be in a position to pick up homeless street people due to reasons listed down in that letter .
And guess what ?
DGP Office has sent the same copy to all Police officials without replying to us.
That means no one cares & no poor lives are important.
A top current Minister in the Government of Goa, was kind enough to visited our office last month to understand our disappointments & we listed out the genuine issues.
The Minister has placed before The CM of GOA all our genuine issues STRICTLY concerning the Homeless in Goa on the streets.
If we don't get our Genuine issues sorted out by The CM of Goa , we will be forced to stop picking Homeless from the streets from 1.1.24.
We are currently only taking in / rehabilitating POOR GOANS suffering from all types disabilities before they reach the streets of Goa or genuine Goans on the streets of Goa who have some sort of relatives who request us to help in their rehabilitation.
For non Goans on the streets in Goa , we have shelter homes started in Maharashtra, Karnataka & Jharkhand where Goa Police has to repatriate these homeless non Goans back to their respective states and we will rehabilitate them, free of cost , but in Goa its going to be rehabilitation for only Goans from 1.1.2024.
There are hundreds / thousand of poor genuine Goans suffering from mental disabilities
asking / begging / pleading for rehabilitation else these hundreds / thousand will reach the streets.
Well ShriKrishna was all unclean, foul smell, weak and in total despair, on the paymnet just touching the bambolim highway,  outside GMC SUBWAY , waiting 3 to 4 days for help which never came till today at 2 pm when we arrived as Mrs Suzette Advani has been pestering me to help him.
We took our team and gave him a bath on the pavement, changed his clothes, opened his dirty filthy bandage , washed his maggot infected leg with Saline & then applied betadine.
We got 108 Ambulance to bandage his wounds and take him to casualty at GMC which they did.
And guess what , in flat 2 hours, after touch up in the casualty , Mr ShriKrishna was back on the streets.
So we took him to our shelter home late evening and got him all cleant up and we will rehabilitate & care for him.
His leg and foot is totally messed up to an extent the maggots have eaten away his flesh and only after a proper assessment at the District hospital Mapusa we will understand his parameters.
It's going to be alot of hospital trips, daily cleaning and bandaging, medication and very difficult to say if he is a psychiatric patient or not.
Totally undernourished and stressed with high blood pressure and all unhealthy symptoms.
Today rescue was a team work by our 2  rehabilitated men in the Video :
♡ Mr Altaf yellow T shirt &
♡ Mr Ashish strips T Shirt 
Both of them 2 years back were in the same condition of Mr ShriKrishna on the streets crawling and in dirt.
Infact Mr Ashish was picked up from the Subway of GMC with a total fractured head.
But our rehabilitation program gets everyone back to their feet in the best of health and quite a number of these homeless men stay back to help me in reaching out to others on the streets and to care for the hundred plus men in our homes.
Today rescue was not a Favour by me or my team to Mr ShriKrishna but it's a freaking difficult and complicated SERVICE which needs daily funding and continues support from all Government departments. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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