3.11.2023  8pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is collecting Second hand used mattresses – 
both Single & double size , 
both  king & queen size ,
right from your door step in Goa only, for the poor and the needy.
All you need to do is pay us for the transportation, labour , repairs and delivery charges to the poor person who will be given this mattresses.
Sounds Strange ?  But Why Pay ?
Well mattresses are one of the items constantly reaching the dumps or at times gets burnt. 
This is leading to garbage issues at times.
So basically You are reducing the garbage issue by giving away your mattresses for the poor.
Secondly, there are very few exchange offers on one's old mattresses so the old mattresses are just burnt or dumped in unwanted places.
Third, alot of poor children or poor families can be given a little comfort by these old mattresses reaching their homes.
The biggest issue is – recycling of used old mattresses.
One of the way to recycle old good used mattresses like :
☆ Open coil mattresses
☆ Memory foam bed
☆ Hybrid foam mattresses
☆ Latex mattresses 
☆ Pocket spring mattresses ,
is giving it away to an NGO like ours which then will give it away : 
》to the poorest of the poor in Goa or 
》to children in boarding Schools out of Goa or
》to our ever increasing no of shelter homes.
But the costs are a big concen which includes :
☆ 1.Transportation from your house + labour,
☆ 2.Storage of these 2nd hand mattresses – Rent,
☆ 3.Transportation + labour to the repair workshop,
☆ 4.Once repaired then get it back to the Storage,
☆ 5. then transportation + labour to the poor families.
Mattresses are big and bulky , so labour & hired transportation is a worrying factor.
Usually A Tempo or A Rickshaw is needed.
But when the 2nd hand mattreses reaches the poor and needy, their blessings and good wishes reaches you & your family.
I have seen hundreds of poor children especially in rural India sleep on hard wet floors in boarding due to economic conditions.
I have seen poor children in rural India going to school in torn and tattered clothes & worn out shoes carrying old and dilapidated school bags.
We are starting shelter homes across rural India in many states to rehabilitate the homeless street people with disabilities and during the setting-up of these homes which most are in villages , I see many many poor children & families and I always felt disappointed at how they live.
And here in Goa, we just dump in the garbage anything and everything without a thought of our fellow Indians living a difficult life.
Just last week, we started a clothes drive where you pay rs 5000 for 30 clothes and we come home & pick your clothes – belive me in 7 days, more than 25 families have donated their warm clothes plus paid us the donation.
Coming week we have another 50 families to pick their used clothes to give to the poor.
We are simultaneously working on a plan to collect daily 1000 kgs of cooked food from a particular section of society which throws daily more than 5000+ kgs of cooked food. 
And again this section of Society giving this 1000 kgs of food daily ( of the total 5000 kgs being thrown our daily) is paying us to take this food and to feed 3000 meals daily across Goa.
Else it reaches the bins.
We need resources daily to do what we do BEST.
Our NGO works at the ground level both in :
◇ GOA,
Across India &
( may be very soon out of India ) 

◇ Feeding the hungry ,
◇ Clothing the naked, 
◇ Sheltering the homeless,
◇ Caring for the sick,
◇ Building homes for the displaced ,
◇ Organizing relief for the displaced ,
◇ Providing medication for the poorest of the poor.
But it's all about raising resources and doing these difficult , complicated & not so admired services ( as not many volunteer for these above free of cost services ).
So before you feel we are collecting a donation to take away your used clothed or your used mattresses, please read the post from the start again and slowly.
You can still decide how, where or why to dispose of your old Second hand mattresses.
The choices are yours but we are waiting to help you.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848