19.10.2023. 10am 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA wish / intends/ sees the need in starting many FREE SHELTER homes for Poor Goan Senior Citizen married parents .
One of the only Kind in Goa , where married goan senior citizens Parents will be able to stay upto 8 weeks only.
For those who are not poor and can afford, they too will be considered on a nominal fee.
Mid November 2023 these shelter homes will be/ can be / should be innaugrated.
Usually no one reaches out to poor elderly married Parents as we feel it's the duty and responsibility of the children.
But in changing times & changing situations , such Homes might just be the need of the hour as only those who are in pain, stress, disappointment , rejection , bed ridden , suffering from disabilities, those in poverty , etc will always be in need of help .
Since it's a unique concept, we will need to raise funding as Women & Child Department nor Social Welfare Department have a Scheme for a shelter home for senior citizen parents.
Usually it's always the NGOs which have to think out of the box to provide services to the poor & deserving.
Officials in the Government don't want to come up with new ideas and get help to different & weaker sections of society.
These homes will be basically for poor Goan married senior citizens who :
》Might be going through rough patches with family members,
》Might have children who are gone for vacations and the parents just can't stay alone,
》Might be financially down and need time by themselves ,
》Might be depressed due to genuine reasons,
》Might be weak and under medication and just need a few weeks to regain strength,
》Might be bed ridden and no one at home to support including Physiotherapy sessions,
》Might me thrown out of the family due to not being able to bear a child,
》Might be suffering from disabilities and that stress of daily caring & cleaning the spouse is too much to handle,
Or Any other reason on a case to case basis.
Since it's something new we are unable to say 
” We will accept only on these conditions or on those conditions “.
There will always be a study of each and every request – decision is left to the trustees.
We welcome medical professionals to be part of this UNIQUE shelter homes for poor GOAN Senior citizen parents in distress,  like :
☆ Doctors 
☆ Physiotherapist 
☆ Dieticians 
☆ Psychiatrist
☆ Nurses 
This home is open to parents from all faiths and all religions but Have to be married in Goa with a valid Goan marriage certificate.
We need such empty houses across Goa to put this project into reality.
We can collaborate with :
◇ those who have homes but are not used, 
◇ those who have funds to spare for these homes, those who can provide professional services,
We @ Street Providence are genuinely working towards all sections of Poor Goans in need of food , rehabilitation, stay, palliative care and compassion and this is one sector which we have identified to be looked into.
All queries through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848