29.7.2023. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA primary focus has and will always be rehabilitation of the homeless people suffering from Disabilities.
With our Relief work going on in full swing in Manipur , alot of NEW well wishers and benefactors might not be aware of our main focus ie :
Sheltering  the homeless. 
We take in , rehabilitate,  care and look after homeless men & ladies from all religions : Hindus , Catholics , Muslims 
90,% of our admissions come through : 
Goa Police & Government hospitals 
Directly we don't pick up anyone from the streets without the police verification.
Most of the homeless In our homes suffer from mental disabilities as well as physical disabilities
Just yesterday, Our Volunteer Mr John Baptist , from Fatorda , accepted from District hospital margao, these two homeless men.
☆ 1. One young MAHARASHTRAN man , Mr Sanjay Singh, whose both legs are AMPUTATED.

☆ 2. And an elderly  GOAN man , Mr Urban Dias, from Cuncolim/ Carmona unwanted at the moment both by his wife & daughter and also by his sisters.
Sanjay Singh , 41 years old , suffering fron multiple ulcer over gluteal region, brought by 108 Ambulance as he was lying near margao municipality area.
Being a person with disabilites surely he was on the streets begging to survive and that's how life is for a person whose both legs are AMPUTATED.
One of his leg was amputated in 2007 & other one in 2010.
Mr Urban Dias , 77 years old , is married and is suffering from Hernia , High BP , diabetes and not sure what else.
Too old and too weak as he is not wanted by anyone including his wife and his daughter who he claims works in the CID.
Says he has 4 sisters and all have thrown him out.
Both have been living / staying or taken care in the district hospital for a couple of months together as they are homeless.
We were requested a few weeks back by the PRO of District Hospital Margao to rehabilitate but the paper work took more time than we expected so much so that Mr Urban was shifted to Cansaulim PHC as the district hospital Margao is over loaded with patients.
We accepted Mr Sanjay from District hospital margao & then we drove to Cansaulim PHC and picked up Mr Urban which actually is the job of the district hospital to get the such patients to the shelter homes by the so called SOCIAL WORKERS who are actually to be appointed by the HEALTH DEPARTMENT. 
Anyway since the health department is not doing what they are supposed to do towards the     “homeless in hospitals ” we are doing our little services, we are not doing any favour to these homeless people irrespective of religion, caste, creed or race.
Once discharged from the hospital ( incase they get discharged ) they will back to the streets and same mess.
It's the rainy season and how will they survive ?
One has both legs amputated man & one goan senior citizen, too weak , too old and too much of sickness.
Infact a particular Minister of The Government of Goa has been calling me to rehabilitate these homeless people in district hospital Margao but the administration here is very very slow.
This month inspite of the Manipur Relief work we have admitted 4 homeless men to the 165 + people in our 8 shelter homes in Goa.
》One patient has a colostomy bag 
》One patient is a severe stroke patient
》One is this man amputated in both legs 
》One is the elderly goan citizen with sickness 
Its not a joke to deal with so many such sick people daily 24*7.
Health Department & Health Minister should look into our problems and give us some help & support.
We are THE ONLY NGO in GOA doing this work last 6 years.
Please do support us as we bring smiles to the old, abandoned, homeless people with disabilites. 
No calling but only whatsapp messages on 8380097564
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848