27.7  2023. 7Pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA , had sent a team to Manipur to go to the ground level and see how best and in which way help can be given not only at dry ration , medicines, etc but beyond that.
The team was headed by :
♡ Mr Bosco George IPS ( Ret ) 

And also on board was :
♡ Adv Caroline Collaso ( our Trustee )
♡ Mr Arturo Dsouza ( environmentalist )
♡ Fr Clifford Castellino ( Parish Priest of Corgao )
♡ Mr Joseph Fernandes ( well wisher / supporter )
Each of these individuals under took this highly risky trip on a request by me.
Well most will asked & have asked ” why did not Donald go ? But he sent others “.
Well I have been tracking Manipur for over two months and assumed it would stop soon.
But understanding the intensity and the complexity of the scenario it made me get up and start relief support from Goa which I felt was the need of the hour and it's over a month that we are working in Manipur.
But why I did not go to Manipur ?
☆ 1. I know the reality as I have enough of sources
☆ 2. No internet and communication big issue 
☆ 3. I have 8 running rehabilitation homes with 165+ homeless people and most are suffering from disabilities . I have a huge responsibility. 
☆ 4. My 3 Children school as I am the driver in the morning and at times afternoon.
But the main issue ” our NGO Work would get totally affected as we need 24 ×7 internet and phone calling facility among the 8 shelter homes in Goa and communication is a big issue in Manipur “.
Each of our team members will share a video of their experience so that all can understand what each one needs to do.
Attached the 1st  video which is by our volunteer Mr Arturo Dsouza. 
You must listen carefully.👇👇
One thing is clear ” people in Manipur need help and on a long term basis “.
We are committed to go on sending :
》Dry ration 
》Grocery items 
》Sanitary pads 
》Ladies inner wear .
But our next step is : 
☆ 1. Children's education, 
☆ 2. building of homes ( low budget ) , 
☆ 3. setting up of shelter homes for ladies & gents.      suffering from mental disabilities & stress,
☆ 4. Shelter Homes for the homeless ,
☆ 5. Job opportunities & employment.
We have assured to adopt two schools with a combined strength of 300 children and these details will be upload on social media.
And this includes arranging their school bags, uniform, shoes , books , etc also paying their monthly fees and hostel fees as most don't have homes , so they have to stay in a boarding and if not educated then that's going to be a bigger issue in the years to come. 
But you need to hear and understand what the video says as spoken by Arturo Dsouza. 
Please keep all and every query , doubt , clarification only through whstsapp messages on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848