22.7.2023. 5pm IST 
At STREET PROVIDENCE, it's about CARING & SHELTERING the lost , lonely ,  hungry, sick, rejected, people with disabilites etc but connected to HOMELESS .
And yesterday we took in this Stroke related lonely man Mr Wilson living in Benaulim who has no one to blame but himself.
In his prime age left his wife & children, thinking and acting too smart and started working in the hospitality sector where all vices are freely available that he got into everything and anything.
To an extent that he suffered a severe stroke due to high blood pressure but I am sure it's due to alcohol and no proper care as he was the boss of his own self with no one to question him and no one he had to answer. 
And such type of cases are not in isolation.
Big money, big thinking , fast life style – damn tomorrow. 
” Who in Heaven has seen tomorrow “
The employer Where he worked for many years put him in the hospital and ATTEMPTED to help him with his bills.
But then it's a severe case of stroke what Wilson has suffered.
His savings which he claims he had has been spent on his upkeep by him to an extent he had to hire a room , he hired a caregiver to look after him , his medication and food,  has got exhausted.
Can't call his family for help as he never thought about them last 14 years neither is anyone keen to help him as I am sure he never helped anyone nor listened to anyone when he was alive & active.
He had friends helping him but they too have their limitations and moved away .
So he called me A few times pleading for help and we sent our volunteer Mr Orlando Mesquita who recommended him for rehabilitation.
Colva Police was kind enough to do the paper work in quick time and Wilson in now on our home.
It's going be difficult for us to care for him but then it's a challenge.
Wilson had no options if we had refused help.
We also could not refuse help to him as he needs help with food clothing shelter medicines and Physiotherapy. 
Wilson is now in our stroke recovery unit and by Tuesday he will be put through for Physiotherapy.
He has a few thousand of Rupees left as his savings and nothing else. 
It's going to be a long and difficult road for Wilson staying in a shelter home as compared to the hustle and bustle life of last 14 years.
But it's better than being on the roads, hungry, Homeless and frustrated due to the stroke.
Besides the stroke he also has other related health issues which we will need to take care of.
For those in excess alcohol habit please take care.
We are committed to help our poor goans who are either on the streets or about to reach the streets due to so many reasons which may be because of their fault and ignorance but no goan on a priorty basis should be homeless in Goa.
( we also rehabilitate non goans on the streets but there is a limit as of late they are dropped across the border purposely and we are requested to rehabilitate) 
I am given to understand from Wilson that he approached on his phone old aged homes in the south goa but since he was unable to pay the fees he was not entertained and considered.
If there are any such actual genuine goans lonely, homeless, abandoned and in need of shelter and rehabilitation we are ready to help.
Has to be homeless and without family.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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