21.7.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA late last night ie 20.7.23 , sends a team of Volunteers to Manipur , who landed today at 10.30 am.
The team flew out from MOPA airport and carried along :
☆ 400 organic sanitary pads 
☆ 400 pairs of ladies inner wear 
 ☆  A few Pampers
All these 8 crts totalled up to 75 kgs.
This team is head by Mr Bosco George (Ret) IPS.
The team also consists of :
♡ 1. Adv Caroline Collaso, Trustee
♡ 2. Arturo Dsouza, environmentalist 
♡ 3. Fr Clifford Castellino, Corgao Parish Priest
♡ 4. Joseph Fernandes, a well Wisher/ supporter
After a few hours rest, the entire team visited The Honourable Governor of Manipur and appraised her about the work of Street Providence Goa as a NGO.
The Honourable Governor of Manipur was briefed about our current relief work in Manipur in the last 3 weeks regarding dry ration & medicines.
But this visit is more than just medicines & dry ration , and our team briefed The Honourable Governor of the future plans to provide relief to the poor and needy people in Manipur through many more projects planned.
As soon as the meeting concluded with The Honourable Governor at 5.30pm, the entire team got an appointment with The Chief Secretary of Manipur at 6.30 pm , which showed the commitment of the state administration towards our NGO in working for the poor and needy in Manipur.
It's  our rule of working as an NGO with the state administration and keeping the state government informed of our services that we are providing and wish to provide in the respective states that we visit.
It's good to inform state administration in advance what our role, intentions and services for the poor and needy so that transparency and trust is built up between the administration & our NGO.
This visit was made possible due to the support of Archbishop of Imphal , Rev Fr Domnic Lumon & his entire team @ DSSS.
Our team will cover alot of ground work in different fields in the state of Manipur and understand the need for help in the respective fields and how we @ Street Providence and you our benefactors can be involved in helping the affected in Manipur.
I personally did not make the trip and I am in Goa
I thank these 4 men & 1 lady who went on my behalf & on the behalf of our Goans & our benefactors.
That too during this very risky and difficult times to stand with the poorest of the poor and those affected in Manipur and understand the needs of the poor and displaced and how best we can help them along with our benefactors in small ways.
To the family members of these 5 volunteers 
In future more such trips and teams will be sent to Manipur as we intend to support the poor & marginalized in many projects.
Our focus is primarily on shelter homes for the people with Disabilities and the homeless.
But we have identified other needs of the poor and this visit is to see the best we can do and plan accordingly.
♡♡♡ We thank you all in for your support and we are sure you will be committing your support to the upcoming projects towards the poor and displaced in MANIPUR.
We urge you to join us in Daring to Dream and making a positive impact as WE DARE TO DREAM. 
Please communicate with us exclusively through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564. 
Donations are also greatly appreciated and have a tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Please provide a copy of your PAN card. 
For more information and updates, please visit our website at
May God bless you all. 
Donald Fernandes
8380097564 / 7020314848