5 6 2023. 7Pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA  now starts food bank fridges in Jharkhand to collect extra food in big cities and feed the poor in Jharkhand and very soon we will be starting food bank fridges across many states.
By this year end we have set a target of 200 fridges to be installed in states where we are setting up shelter Homes for the homeless.
We require your support as we go across different states in India collecting extra cooked food to feed the homeless and also rehabilitating them in our upcoming homes across India.
But to collect this extra cooked food we need to install fridges in public places.
In the last 6 years in Goa we have consistently run the food bank fridges without any issues and we must be the only state in India where fridges are placed in public places in an organized manner with the required food bank license running non stop last 6 years.
To go a little further our food bank fridges in 11 police stations in GOA is the only place where one will find fridges in Police stations across INDIA ,  which indicates the commitment of the Goa police department to end hunger & homelessness.
We all feel emotional and concerned about the extra food being wasted or about the poor homeless sleeping on the streets.
But not all and everybody can start food bank fridges and open shelter homes. 
But YES , you all can help people like us @ Street Providence by donating for a worthy cause a fridge which you never know might be bringing one daily meal to that poor family situated next to the fridge you donated and in return you and your family earns blessings from God.
We as the food bank with 6 years hard core ground experience and you as our benefactor can work together towards feeding the hungry and YES together WE can reduce hunger across different states in India.
We are attempting to set up fridges starting from Jharkhand.
All your donations towards this worthy cause entitles you to Income Tax exemption under Section 80G of the I TAX ACT.
Come Walk with us in Jharkhand as we attenpt to feed those who need that little extra food.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848