2.6.2023. 9pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA has set up our 1st shelter home outside Goa @ Jharkhand along with 5 food bank fridges to accept extra food to feed the poor.
Attached a link of the innaugration.ūüĎá
Bit long , all in Hindi but at 46 minutes I speak in English & hindi.
With this home taking shape,  we will now going to send back many of the homeless In Goa who are from Jharkhand and surrounding states,  living on the streets and suffering from disabilities as well as those homeless who are in our homes in Goa but from these surrounding states.
This home will also serve the poor homeless men suffering from mental disabilities in Jharkhand.
We have collaborated with Daltonganj Diocese and decided to use one of their homes @ Bhusar which is very big and comfortable enough to hold 20 homeless street men suffering from mental disabilities. 
Space is not a constraint here and more men can be accommodated once we settle down.
Thanks to Our fellow Goan, BISHOP Rev Fr THEODORE MASCARENHAS of Daltonganj Diocese for inviting , supporting  and helping us in setting up this home for the homeless.
We both understand hunger, poverty & homeless especially with mental disabilites and we are going to work togther across Jharkhand.
Archbishop of Ranchi , Rev Felix Toppo blessed this small but yet cozy shelter home on 30.6.23 and our food bank fridges along with Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas.
This home was innaugrated by Mr Bandhu Tirkey Ex Education Minister of Jharkhand.
Also present was Mr Ram Chandra Singh, MLA of Manilka Constituency,  Jharkhand along alot of Zilla panchayat members , Sarpanches and rhe local BDO.
What started with a visit to Jharkhand in Jan 2023 by me and my fellow trustee Adv Mrs Caroline Collaso took 4 full months to get this home up and running along with the food bank fridges.
Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas In his address emphasized that no one should be homeless and go to sleep hungry 
Street Providence motto is ” Ending homeless and hunger “.
With a huge population of non goans in Goa and with homelessness in Goa increasing in the last many years, our 8 homes in Goa are getting full.
Infact we are adding another 8 homes for men & women suffering from INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES as well soon.
The only way to address this issue of homelessness, ( which will reach full steam in 3 years from now ) is starting shelter homes across India and sending the homeless back to their respective states and later them join them back to their families.
When we started in 2017 , many ridiculed me saying there are no homeless in Goa and we are just wasting our time doing cheap publicity.
Today in Goa with  a 200 bed capacity,  we Have 165 + homeless with 100 + being ethnic goans.
Of these 165 + we care for, a combined total of  135 who are suffering from mental disabilities both men & women. 
By 1.1.2024 , we will be only accepting local Goans in our homes in Goa.
Rest of the homeless will be rehabilitated back in their respective states in our shelter Homes which we are setting up across India.
Rehabilitation is always complete when the homeless are reunited with their families in their own states and we will be doing the same.
Rehabilitation of the homeless with mental disabilities is tough and setting up such homes in Jharkhand is more tough.
We are now attempting to set up a men's home in Bihar which is most  tough state than any other state in India.
I even spent one full day in Bihar trying to see how best to go about .
Too many homeless in Goa and most are living in pathetic condition.
Our NGO might not be able to do much to completely end homelessness in Goa but a small start in two of Indias most difficult states is a challenge worth taking on.
Please do support us as we create homes for the poor and the homeless across India.
God bless you so much.
Donald Fernandes 
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