25.3.2023  7 pm IST 
As part of the Food Bank program we @ FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA distributed to different sections of society approx :
☆ 9300 pcs pf Kit Kat 2 F chocolate &
☆ 1390 pcs of instant Cup noodles 
Both these items are from NESTLE company and were donated towards the food bank, which had 2 months before the expiry date . 
Usually such huge quantity gets expired and in turn its thrown out into the dumps. 
KitKat 2F :
◇ 1500 pcs to District hospital mapusa for the inmates @ 2 pcs each 
◇ 2000 pcs to District hospital Margao for inmates @ 2 pcs each 
◇ 2500 pcs to Sanjay school all 3 units for the children with disabilities @ 2 pcs each 
We also distributed to poor goan school children in 5 government primary schools in Mayem & Sanguem constituency to total 900 children 
☆ Kit Kat 2F : 1800 pcs @ 2 ,pcs each 
☆ Cup noodles : 900 pcs @ 1 pc each 
We also distributed to HIV children in rural slums 350 children through ZINDAGI NGO :
☆ Kit Kat 2 F : 700 pcs @ 2 pcs each 
☆ Cup noodles : 350 pcs @ 1 pcs each 
For 140 poor children through UDANT NGO :
☆ Kit Kat  : 280 pcs 
☆ Noodles : 140 pcs 
Our volunteer John gave away 2 pcs each KitKat @ the Margao Garbage yards for over 250 daily wage workers who segregate & collect Garbage.
Lots of joy and excitement on the children faces and the inmates in the Hospitals  
We covered the two main hospitals so that the entire staff is reminded that our NGO takes care of homeless people who might need a place to recover once discharged from hospital. 
We reached out to 400 rural school children In
Mayem Constituency in 3 government schools with the help of The Local MLA Mr Shet who himself came along with our team members with Kit Kat & noodles. 
At Sanguem , with the assistance of Minister for Social Welfare,  Mr Subhash, we reached to 500 school children in 2 Schools. 
Infact we went right into the most rural school of Goa in NETRAVALI where 260 students study as well as to 240 students @ Curdi Sanguem 
The trip from Sangolda to Netravali one way was 95 kms , quite long but worth the trip. 
Traveling from Sanguem town to Netravali is about 30 kms one way enroute through refreshing greenery and forest Cover. 
Two of our food bank partners ie Udant & Zindagi Ngos too were requested to distribute Kit Kat & noodles to Slum children & HIV infected children respectively. 
If any food manufacturing company or any FMCG distributors in Goa have excess packaged food to give away before expiry date then please contact our FOOD BANK. 
We work with the poorest of the poor & the most deserving sections of Society in Goa. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 /7020314848