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What I am going to share with you is a fact and there are huge no of such cases and it's rising but the LAW is the issue to them reaching no where .
3 senior citizens ladies and their only brother.
◇ One sister bed ridden 
◇ One sister abroad married 
◇ One sister leg heavy bandaged and looks after the bed ridden sister 
Brother is 55 years heavily drinking and falling on the streets in different parts of TISWADI TALUKA.
3rd sister walks 1 step to ours 5 steps due to a chronic leg issue.
Everyone sees this man but no one knows what and how to go about. 
So ?
Police are called, who at most times come see and go away or at times pick him up and take him to IPHB.
At IPHB he is given medicine and sent away .
If he has to be admitted into IPHB there are 3  ways :
▪︎ 1. Through the police 
▪︎2. Through the family .
▪︎3. Through influence 
¤ 1. If police admitt him with a Magistrate Order which takes an entire working day , plus a 4 Wheeler and 4 cops and this costs the state. 
After picking him up cops have to take him to the nearest government health center and assess him to know if he is suffering from mental disabilities. 
If yes , a letter is issued and cops proceed to the Magistrate office if it's day time .
Magistrate gives order and then cops proceed to IPHB.
Initial assessment is done and IPHB sends to GMC for scanning,  xray etc 
After all these tests Cops come back to IPHB & admission takes place.
All the above takes minimum 8 to 10 hours.
If the man is picked up in the day it's okay as Magistrate might be in the city but if picked up at night then cops have to go to Magistrate home which may be in different city.
Again costs involved of car and manpower. 
Knowing the history of this man in particular, COPS usually will not go for the Magistrate Order. 
Why ?
After a few months of treatment and discharge, he is back on the streets in the same condition as the sisters can't manage him and he has no MID WAY HOME or any FREE SHELTER HOME for his recovery and rehabilitation except our homes. 
And in this case it is happening for years. 
But at times MAGISTRATE ORDER is not easy to get Since he has family.
¤ 2. If the family has to admitt him into IPHB, its impossible for both the sisters as one is bed ridden and one can't walk .
Friends and relatives just don't want to get involved. 
If we are called which many times such cases come to us , it's very risky as such cases the men are highly intoxicated and totally blown out of their mind and God forbid the man dies in our custody before reaching the hospital, then what ?
Few weeks ago ” a Russian roaming half naked totally unsound mind died in the custody of the police ” but since it's the police it's understood , but if it's in the car of the NGO then what. 
Such cases usually turn pathetic from alcohol to weed and then to synthetic drugs and finally either dead on the streets or totally blown out of the mind and becomes a zombie.
Quote often we get involved and take such cases our selves to the IPHB and on case to case basis do the best we can to admitt into IPHB.
On discharge we take to our shelter home after finding the relatives who make an affidavit for their admission.
Best such example from TISWADI taluka was late  CHRISTMAS FATHER who once upon a time was totally unwanted by all authorities but once he entered our home the transformation was beyond our dreams. 
3. It can also be that these same Police to get rid of him off the streets permanently due to pressure and influence of the POWERFUL finally get a MAGISTRATE ORDER and get him into the IPHB where he will be there for months if not years but will never be normal till his death as now from alcohol he has progressed to weed and Even synthetic drugs .
The LAW states that you can't force anyone to get off the streets just because we see them on the streets and the LAW also states that this man can refuse to take treatment and admission at IPHB and can't be forced, so he just walks out.
But where ?
There are so many such men in our homes from such EXAMPLE  given and I have gone back and tracked each and every admission and realized that most of the inmates in our 8 homes are permanently on psychiatric medications.
Cases of such EXAMPLE  can be repaired if all AGENCIES sit togther like :
☆ District Judges & JMFC
☆ Goa Police
☆ Disability Commissioner 
& our NGO 
Why our NGO ?
Well our NGO in Goa is the only such shelter home registered with all licenses (but no government funding) running MID WAY / HALF WAY homes for such people with mental disabilities FREE OF COST for the poorest of the poor .
And I am not a pchyistrist nor a doctor, I am just a lay man doing the little I can to bring a little smile on the face of these people suffering from Disabilities. 
Before our NGO started this service, Goa Police & other government agencies did not have options or choices to send the poor for rehabilitation FREE of COST suffering from mental disabilities so either they remained a trouble on the streets till they died or they got permanent membership in the IPHB.
If any one who has read this long post got any suggestions/ ideas / views or can come up with a solution to ending people living with mental dismal on the streets please let me know.
This post is to enlighten all that please take care of your loved ones as Mental disabilities is not to be taken lightly and If not addressed in time you can be living a difficult life on earth.
Trust me I am upset with what I am seeing and going through daily :
◇ Mothers crying 
◇ Sisters desperate 
◇ Wives cheated 
◇ Husband's & brothers unable to take care  of their loved ones 
So many requests daily for rehabilitation. 
We are committed to help and rehabilitate.
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
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