4.3.2023. 7pm IST
Our NGO hears the SILENT CRIES of another very poor goan lady suffering from severe mental disabilities & physical disabilities who we have admitted into our Shelter home from a city in South Goa.
This young lady is about 38 years, suffering from Disabilities from 2015 approx and mother married her without telling the groom.
Within 15 days trouble started and husband threw her out. 
Mother expired a few years back and her only married brother is desperately trying his level best to care for her.
But this is where the most trouble starts .
Whenever the brother is married and tries to help the sister with disabilites especially in the same house , the sister feels insecure due to the wife.
Wife feels husband is caring more for the sister than the wife.
The pattern is same.
This trend I have experienced with so many such goan ladies who are rehabilitated in our homes who have been thrown out both by the husband's and can't be cared for by the brother.
And it's not easy even if you and I feel and think otherwise. 
You will only understand this once you are that family and one has to choose between the wife & the sister .
Becomes very difficult for the husband  / brother to decide who is the priorty whether the wife or the sister. 
Finally the man too gets into depression & stress.
In this case, the goan brother is working with a simple job and has a wife.
The troubled sister is creating a big issue 
The brother and his wife and their relationship is not bearing any fruit with all this madness and stress of the sister.
The goan lady with disabilites just roams around and is vulnerable to exploitation or even being taken advantage off .
Often admitted into IPHB but then discharged and the same story.
Such cases require REHABILITATION & CARE which is not available for FREE for the poorest of the poor and finally such cases end on the streets of cities and then you have sensational headlines with blame put on this Department & that officer.
There is no support facility, short stay home , mid way home in Goa by The Central Government or The State Government for such genuine cases of mental disabilities. 
Everyone in the Government is failing this section of Society and I am fed up of this madness happening last so many years .
That's WHY STREET PROVIDENCE was started.
Without Government aid or Government run shelter homes for ladies & men with mental disabilities, naturally the streets are piling up with homeless people. 
This Goan lady throws stones on public, talks non stop to herself , disoriented at times, stressed and violent in nature because she does not take her medication in time.
Poverty is understandable but poverty with a family member suffering from both mental & physical disabilities is not a joke .
A very Small house and that top divided into 2 rooms – one for the sister & one for the brother. 
Another such admission where this woman will be a long time inmate as without proper food and timely medication, she will always be troubling and roaming around the city .
Very soon WOMEN INTERNATIONAL DAY will be celebrated. 
But is INTERNATIONAL WOMAN DAY going to make any difference to the woman like this goan lady or like the 45 + homeless ladies in our home or so many such goan ladies suffering from homelessness & disabilites ?
In GOA , those celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMAN DAY even thinking about the troubles that our Poor Goan woman suffering from mental disabilities and turning homeless on the streets having a plan to tackle this rising issue for 1 year till the next WOMAN INTERNATIONAL DAY is celebrated?
FEST , PROGRAMS , BIG PROJECTIONS & ASSURANCES are not taking the poor goan people with mental disabilities anyway .
The situation in the ground is something else.
Ask me and I will tell you more .
We @ Street Providence need your help and donations to tackle this mammoth giant as we are totally getting frustrated and disappointed with the lackluster attitude of the government authorizes in regard to poor goan woman CRYING SILENTLY .
This WOMAN INTERNATIONAL DAY partner with our NGO as we are the only FREE SHELTER HOME in Goa for WOMAN CRYING SILENTLY with DISABILITIES & We can work together and turn these CRIES into SMILES
Our plans are big and achievable but support is required. 
God bless you
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848