A fully Automatic Chapati machine

20.1.2023. 7pm IST 
A fully Automatic Chapati machine costing Rs 9 lacs at todays rate,
manufacturing 900 Chapati per hour installed @ Colvale Jail. 
Attached a 22 sec video so that you can see how this machine works 👇👇
Street Providence Prisoners Welfare has been started to serve the Welfare of the Prisoners. 
Late Dec 2022 , Street Providence Prisoners Welfare, installed a commercial Water Dispenser cum water purifier Worth Rs 50000, on the eve of Christmas. 
This water Dispenser bill was taken care by a benefactor Mr Kirit Maganlal owner of MAGSONS 
Early Jan 2023, our NGO donated this automatic machine to the Jail as there was a need for such a machine. 
This auto matic machine was purchased by a leading bakery in 2019 , but was never used due to genuine reasons and I was aware of the same. 
The owner was kind enough to give away this machine at a very heavy discount for a worthy Cause plus alot of spares and accessories worth a few lacs . 
This automatic Chapati machine has a cost , of which a kind lady benefactor has donated 
Rs 1 lac. 
We still have to get another Rs 1 lac to close this bill. 
Last 7 days trials have been going in the Jail and the results are satisfying @ 900 Chapati / hour . 
Capacity is actually 1000 ,Chapati/ Hour but gradually within the next 15 ,days this machine will deliver 1000 Chapati / hour. 
I know there will be few wondering why is the NGO giving away such equipments to the Jail when we ourselves are asking for donations ? 
Well there are always benefactors who have their mind to help different sections of society and they reading my messages get motivated to donate for a cause which helps our NGO to raise resources. 
I run 8 rehabilitation homes for the homeless and I seen how much facilities I provide to these homeless people including good healthy food and filtered drinking water in all our 8 homes . 
A jail is not as good as a rehabilitation home and I always wanted to do something for the Prisoners. 
And these two machines are connected to the Prisoners Welfare – FOOD & DRINKING WATER . 
Our NGO has planned many many Welfare programs for the Prisoners in this new year . 
For those who don't agree to my thinking of working for the Welfare of the Prisoners,  please excuse,  no offense and no hard feelings. 
For those who wish to be part of STREET PROVIDENCE PRISONERS WELFARE program in the coming year , either as a volunteer or a benefactor,  please get in touch with me through whatsapp on 8380097564. 
I always like to give back to Society especially 
Incase you are able to support this cause of this Automatic Chapati machine installed at Colvale Jail please do the needful. 
We operate strictly through whstsapp messages 
on 8380097564  so please avoid calling. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848