15.1.2023. 7 PM IST
The homeless lady inmates @ Street Providence Goa thanks Government of Goa @ Women & Child Department, Panjim for releasing our state  Shelter Home Grant for the year 2021 -2022 , two days back .
This is the 3rd successive year that the Dept of WCD is funding this only one Home and we appreciate the support and concern shown by the Department towards our NGO @ this one shelter home for homeless street women. 
Last 2 years Grant was released by August .
This year slightly delayed due to technical issues from our side but finally we managed to convinced the Department to get us the Grant which was released.
I must thank Mrs Deepali Naik, Director of WCD for all the support shown towards our homeless women.
It's not that we  don't have issues with the Director but Madam Deepali has always defused the situation with her reassuring attitude ” Don't worry , I will do the needful “.
There has been times I have lost my cool and there are times that frustration have cropped in but never has Madam Deepali lost her nerves and retaliated back .
Always positive in her approach whenever one enters into her office is how I can describe Madam Deepali .
I must also thank the Womem & Child Secretary of Goa, Mr Arun Kumar Mishra , IAS., for listening to my grievances regarding the delay of this Grant and doing the needful, cheerfully and with a smile .
Thanks to the Deputy Director ( Admin ) Smt Jyoti Dessai for assisting in getting this Grant released and assuring to send this particular state shelter home Grant for amendment as the Grant was devised in 2006 and we are now In 2023.
Inflation and costs have risen drastically in the last 20 years .
Last I thank the following staff from WCD  :
Madam Sweta , CDPO & Madam Neha , for supporting us with the required paperwork. 
Working and meeting Madam Deepali Naik has made our NGO start 3 more homes for the homeless street women and women with chronic disabilities as everyone in Goa has been seeing the homeless increasing in the last few years.
1.4.2021 we started our 2nd home and we are expecting this Grant also as its now Jan 2023.
Sept 2022 we started 2 more shelter homes for women and both were innaugrated by the Director. 
With Madam Deepali Naik as the Director I can say with confidence that she thinks and understands  ” the issue of homeless women on the streets and those women abandoned with chronic mental disabilities “.
It's always good to have a Director who understands the problems on the ground and the problems the NGO is facing .
We really appreciate the Government of Goa @ the Women & Child Department Panjim for addressing the issues of homeless women on the streets and supporting the shelter homes through the financial grants. 
But this is only a small % of what is being given. 
More needs to be done by The Government of Goa and done quickly as the situation is slowly but surely increasing of men , women & children on the streets of Goa .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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