31.12.2022. 5pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE PRISONERS WELFARE, is working towards the welfare of the prisoners in jails and lock ups &  we have ended this year giving the best we can towards THE LAST & THE LEAST in Society @ Colvale Jail.
As we end this Year today , we @ Street Providence Goa are happy that we were able to bring alot of smiles, cheers and good vibes to prisoners by installing these 2 machines  :
☆ 1. A new water Dispenser cum purifier installed before Christmas which was innaugrated by IGP PRISONS. MR BOSCO GEORGE & paid in full by Mr Kirit Maganlal .
☆ 2. A 2nd hand automatic chapati machine installed before New Year which will be innaugrated in a few days as the trials are going on.
Just like we run water banks and food banks in different places across Goa including numerous police stations , we got these two machines installed so that the prisoners can get chilled cold water 24*7.
The Jail has hundreds of prisoners which made us understand that their breakfast preparation was having some issues. 
Today this chapati machine gets 1000 chapati ready per hour .
Also I am given to understand which I fully support the idea of the prisoners using this machine to supply chapati to various government hospitals and offices and generate a little income towards the prisoners benefit.
Life in a prison or shelter home is usually to confinement. 
Ask me more as I am in this service last 5 years.
If these prisoners are given something to look forward to everyday, then  their motivation levels their approach to life, their feelings that they are part of this society will make a huge huge impact on their life when they go back to the world .
Our NGO had done just that .
We are very excited to have an opportunity to work for the welfare of the prisoners and as we enter the NEW YEAR we have many things lined up for the Welfare of the Prisoners. 
Hence the Name : Street Providence Prisoners Welfare 
Usually not many or rather very very few visit or give anything to the prison – either due to security reasons or because we often think that prisoners are bad people who are suppose to suffer and are there for a purpose of their actions
But for us @ Street Providence it's just the opposite.
I think and feel differently. 
All prisoners, homeless people, poor people with disabilites, unwed mothers , widows, single mothers, sick and abandoned are all children of God .
God does not create bad people but people actions are bad. 
They are in a situation due to many reasons and if society does not reach out to this huge section of people then life is only one sided and has no meaning as our association is only to the good People who will repay us back. 
If you reading this post wish to do a little for the prisoners then please get in touch with me .
We need your support towards the cost of this 2nd hand automatic chapati machine.
If any one wishes to bear the cost of this automatic chapati machine please let me know.
On this last day of this year let's work if possible togther for the LAST & LEAST .
There might be some who don't agree , but please don't condemn as one never ever knowx one's own future and what holds for us and our loved ones. 
There is only 1 Big Jail in Goa.
I end by wishing each one of you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023.
Your support through your prayers,  blessings and donations is always welcome 
We operate strictly through whatsapp only on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848
Awarded the Best NGO for the year 22-23 by 
The Government of Goa