29.12.2022. 6Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA distributes gifts to 100 children in rural Goa.
Any festive season is always connected to gifts & celebration and for the last 5 years our NGO has been doing just this 
” Bringing a Smile on the least Fortunate ” in a little way we can .
We celebrate with our friends in the ladies shelter homes- Ganesh Chaturthi & Christmas festivals and all are given a new gift.
This Christmas we had fun filled afternoon celebration with more than 30 such friends who are homeless and abandoned in 3 of our women shelter homes from North Goa and most are on psychiatric medication.
We have one shelter home in South Goa and their gift is sent to this home.
We also for Christmas send gifts to different children in different Homes across Goa.
This year we identified 100 such goan children in rural Goa – curchorem , quepem, sanguem & canacona through our volunteers :
Mr Akash Pednekar 
Mrs Sharon 
And they will be giving away these gifts as we did not get time earlier in the week due to other more important priorities in all our shelter homes.
The gift packet for the children contains :
☆ A new school bag 
☆ A new hand towel 
☆ A new compass box 
☆ A tiffin box 
☆ Two biscuit packets 
☆ And some small items for the girl children
♡♡♡ Thanks to our Trustee,  Mrs Joanita Pinto for planning and arranging the function for the Christmas party for these 30 friends as well as taking trouble to get all the gifts organized and co ordinating with our two volunteers who recommended the children's name to Mrs Pinto.
It's that little JOY which one brings to the poorest of the poor which drives us @ Street Providence. 
For me JOY can be summed up as :
J – Jesus 
O – others 
Y – yourself 
One can't buy JOY but you can get JOY in the work you do or financial support towards the  poor , hungry , Homeless, sick, abandoned , old aged, prisoners , widows,  single unwed mothers, orphans, persons with disabilities, HIV & TB suffering people and children. 
Our NGO covers all the above and I feel that JOY.
Besides JOY, one gets these poor people BLESSINGS which is more than what I can expect and it comes directly from their hearts .
Attached a few pictures of the celebration of the friends in our women homes  and gifts packed for the children across rural Goa.
Your support through your prayers,  blessings and donations is always welcome 
We operate strictly through whatsapp only on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848
Awarded the Best NGO for the year 22-23 by 
The Government of Goa