13.12.22. 7pm IST 
As giving back to Society in Goa only, our NGO Street Providence has started to clean the BLACK SPOTS In Goa . 
Yesterday & today , our friends in the men's home at ASSNORA,  collected, packed and filled in plastic bags close to 1800 to 2000 kgs of garbage in close to 60+ such bags at one of the worst and ever increasing BLACK SPOT I have ever seen . 
This you tube link will show you the video with the magnitude of garbage dumped and how our homeless friends have cleant it in 2 days. 👇
Just on the border of SIRSAIM -ASSNORA
( Bardez ) is a way which goes up to St Michael Chapel , Assnora . 
Since it's a no man land hundreds & hundreds of kgs of garbage has been dumped, thrown in this particular area measuring say 500 meters in length. 
We have been using this road last 4 years daily as our men's shelter home is on that hill and it's such an eye sore to see the mess just piling up year after year. 
Most of the times , all this garbage is just set on fire and then new garbage is dumped again. 
For quite some time I have been intending to put the shelter Home men to work and what better way then to clean BLACK SPOTS. 
Last 2 days,  8 hours a day & 6 men togther cleant and kept ready approx 60+ garbage bags filled to the brim which will approximately be about 2000 kgs. 
Our NGO launched this service at one of the biggest and terrible dirty BLACK SPOT so as to test the capacity of our team. 
Where ever there is a BLACK SPOT in the 3 kms vicinity of all our 8 shelter homes in Goa, we will clean the same and keep the bags filled up ready to be sent to the plant by the local Village Panchayat or Municipality or even LOCAL MLA. 
Our shelter Homes are at 
☆ Cavelossim (2)
☆ Quepem
☆ Assnora
☆ Guirim ( 2 )
☆ Calangute 
☆ Porvorim 
We don't just shout and blame the authorities but we enter the system and be the change what society wishes to see . 
Most of our projects are complicated and has not many or any others doing this service free of cost consistently ie : 
◇ 1. We are only NGO in entire GOA who rescues, accepts & rehabilitates from streets  hospitals , police stations homeless and people with disabilities. Not an easy service. 
◇ 2.We are the only NGO running GOA's only registered Food Banks across the state accepting food & feeding the homeless and monthly saving 10 to 12 tomnes of Wet waste reaching the garbage bins. 
◇ 3. Running THREE FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTREs in Goa for the homeless & persons with disabilities 
◇ 4. And now the only SHELTER HOME attempting to clean BLACK SPOTS & reduce the garbage issue in Goa . 
If anyone requires our services to clean BLACK SPOTS priorty in NORTH GOA,  please let us know and one will need to pay us some amount as there is transportation of the homeless men to & fro, garbage bags , refreshments , etc. 
In addition we need to give the boys something to be motivated about . 
Getting these friends of mine to do this service also helps them to use their mind and body and it will help to be active and appreciated in their life as they are rejected both by their families & society. 
Once again we need to be concerned about our environment and dump garbage in garbage bins or in designated garbage zones. 
All comments, advice, Criticism , correction and ideas are welcome on this BLACK SPOT project. 
Please keep all communication through whatsapp only on 8380097564 
We have our homeless teams ready in QUEPEM & CAVELOSSIM to clean BLACK SPOTS. 
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes