12.12.22. 7PM IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA rescues & rehabilitates an elderly Goan lady from BHATI Panchayat,  Sanguem Constituency. 
Video of 45 sec  will speak for itself 👇
Mrs Kamal Kalekar is a widow with no children and all old and lonely with weakness that she can't stand as well as got a problem with leg / ankle . 
She might have been crawling in her house to move around as we had to pick her up and put her in the car . 
Akash Pednekar our incharge of Our QUEPEM home received a call from the local MLA & Social Welfare Minister , Mr Subhash Phal Dessai to help and rehab this lady. 
When a minister calls an NGO means he is aware of the ground reality and the MINISTER is concerned about the poorest of the poor in his constituency. 
Sanguem Police did their verification and we too sent our team to verify. 
The lady has relatives but they have not met her for a long long time and husband is dead . 
House is almost crumbling down and is in a dilapidated state . 
Neighbors have been providing her food but she requires much more than that. 
Last night our team along with the police personnel from SANGUEM Police station got her to our home at Cavelossim. 
♡♡♡ Thanks to our care givers at Cavelossim ladies Home especially Sr Maria for accepting the lady although it was late evening. 
Mrs Kamal can't walk at all neither can stand . 
It's going to be trips to hospitals and medications followed with nutrition till she Gets her strength back. 
It's Christmas season and it's always special to experience the Birth of Christ through instances like this . 
We need to open our doors to the old sick and abandoned and that's the message of CHRISTMAS. 
Today at Sunday Holy Mass , Fr Jose gave the same sermon about helping the poorest of the poor . 
We @ Street Providence are attempting to take in as many as possible during the next few days before we celebrate CHRISTMAS even though we are overloaded and space is a constraint. 
Its not right that the poor, old , elderly, widows, the  homeless with disabilites who are in pain and require shelter and care are suffering and we just look the other side because the homes are full . 
God will make a way to solve this problem. 
At the moment we are tying to live that spirit of Christmas by reaching out to the old , sick, widows,  abandoned,  homeless people with disabilities who need a warm bed and love & care in a home . 
When we take into our shelter homes such people  we also take a recommendation letter from the Local MLA & The Local Sarpanch so that the locals are aware of that where their fellow villagers are cared for . 
Attached a video of how we had to get 
Mrs Kamal into our home and her prevailing situation. 
You can imagine her physical state and what trouble we will be going thru seeing her current situation. 
But then as A Roman Catholic,  I need to  follow Christ who came for the poor , old. Abandoned,  sick, Widow, the homeless. 
I can't call myself a follower of Christ especially during this festive season if I don't open our homes to such people like Mrs KAMAL 
Attached a 46 sec video in konkani which will tell you all that you wish to see and understand. 
Your support in prayers, blessings and wishes is what at times motivates me to do what I am attempting to do in my little free time . 
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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