6.12.22. 7 pm IST 
What is a daily life of a homeless man in our shelter home where most of our friends are suffering from mental disabilities, be like? 
Most of the day is full of little joys which will bring a smile on your face once you watch the video. 👇
☆ Morning all awaken by 6.30 am 
☆ Clean up and freshen up & bath.
☆ Followed by breakfast 
☆ Once the sun is bright say by 8.30 am SUN BATH
Exercise, yoga, brisk walking and simple exercise
Physiotherapy sessions and hospital trips for those suffering from sickness. 
House cleaning and washroom cleaning along with mopping and washing the homes daily is encouraged to all my friends in the homes. 
Some are taught and encouraged to draw , write and even to read alphabets and numbers. 
A couple of the younger men are taught to play cricket and soccer which I am sure they have never ever held a bat or kicked a ball for many many years. 
Sounds strange but we treat our friends to face the world by learning. 
☆ Lunch time by 1 pm followed by light nap. 
☆ Tea at 4 pm followed by out door games by those who can and indoor games by the old and those suffering from physical disabilities. 
☆ Later by 6pm bath and Television 
☆ 7 pm dinner 
☆ 8 pm all gone to sleep. 
All our staff in all the men's shelter Home are in house employees . 
The Cooks, care givers,  watchman , compounder , house incharge were one day all homeless and on the streets but over  a due course of time , have recovered and today stay back to take care of the others . 
Only a homeless understands a homeless especially :
▪︎If wounds have to be dressed daily 
▪︎If Elderly men have to changed if on Pampers,
▪︎If elderly men have to be bathed & shaved,
▪︎ If anyone has to be fed their meals.
Etc . 
You and I will never able to go through this . 
Hiring outside manpower is too expensive & our team can't reach out daily to over 100+ such men  in all our 4 mens home & we are soon going to be rehabilitating upto 140 men . 
We are now fortunate to have employed :
☆ 4 Physiotherapist to treat our friends & 1 Clinical Psychologist 
to work and help our homeless men get back on track and be able to be a blessings to others . 
Some of them in the men shelter home daily take care of the food bank and food collection. 
Some are daily in hospitals assisting the others get their medication and on their monthly check ups. 
Everyone of our men in the men's home are given some responsibility to enable them to think, understand, take decisions , be responsible. 
Majority of these friends of mine are on mild to heavy doses of medicines for their mental disabilities but that does not stop them from taking responsibilities in the men's shelter home. 
Two of our men's home at Cavelossim & Quepem having a current strength of 60 men & the men are really recovering much more than expected. 
Porvorim home has all the hardworking men where most of the operations are controlled from 
Assnora home with a current capacity of 36 men  is the most complicated and difficult place to manage as all the hyper,  chronic and nerve wrecking friends of ours are rehabilitated here. 
It's just the thought of attempting to reintegrate these Once homeless men with severe mental disabilities which bring a smile on my face and motivation to go ahead and DREAM BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS. 
We don't believe in PITY but every friend has to take up his responsibility and face the WORLD. 
♡♡♡ Big thanks to our long time benefactors who 90% have never ever met me but are inspired to support our NGO just by reading our posts and following our work which is continously uploaded daily on various social media platforms with pictures and videos. 
Running a complicated NGO like ours is not easy but even difficult is paying the bills daily. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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