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IN NOVEMBER 2022, FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA collected 12000 kgs ( 12 tonnes ) of edible, excess , fresh  food through its 16 FOOD FREEZERS  and DEDICATED  VOLUNTEERS and  GENEROUS PARTNERS! 
A 2 min video of all the food in our food bank fridges across Goa for Entire
 November 22. 👇
With absolutely no support and no cooperation  from FSSAI /FDA Bambolim, we are able to accept and distribute the increasing amount of excess, fresh food  every month and prevent it from being discarded. 
In early 2017 ,  India ranked 70 on the Global Hunger Index . 
Today, India ranks 107 out of 121 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2022. 
In Asia, Afghanistan with a rank of 109 is the only country behind India 
Prime Minister of India , Shri Narendra Modi started an initiative to SAVE FOOD SHARE FOOD in December 2017 through FSSAI / FDA across INDIA. 
This initiative was meant to redistribute the excess, edible food through the FSSAI, the Recovery Agents/ Food Banks and the volunteers. 
Despite having such a good initiative in place, why has INDIA slipped in the HUNGER INDEX RANKING? 
Is it because the initiative has not taken off? 
In Goa,  FSSAI / FDA  have done nothing to even start the ball rolling . 
In the last 5 years, FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA  has created and perfected a system through its benefactors, partners, volunteers and beneficiaries collecting tons of edible food and redistributing it to the needy, impoverished and malnourished without any help from FSSAI/FDA.
FSSAI / FDA Bambolim should be ashamed that their own initiative being advertised on their own website and initiated  by the HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA since the last 4 years have yielded no benefits to the poor and needy. 
Yes,  I don't see eye to eye with the Director of FSSAI / FDA Bambolim as she refuses to understand and cooperate in saving daily 5000 kgs of edible food from being thrown in the garbage bins despite my repeated efforts to connect with her. 
But she can surely learn from an existing model of a Food Bank and depute a reasonable and practical officer who can attempt to work with Food Recovery Agencies like us. 
The Director insists on paper that 3 FOOD BANKS  are operational in Goa. Try calling the numbers given on the website and one is met with the message that these  numbers not operational (Bandh aahe) 
Hence I am of the opinion that these so called registered Food banks are only on paper  with the blessings and support of the FSSAI / FDA Bambolim. 
If these so called FOOD RECOVERY AGENCIES do exist we would like to see them collect and distribute 200 – 500 kgs of food which we are ready to give them daily from our food banks. 
If not, maybe this food could be dropped at the  FSSAI office, Bambolim, to sensitise the authorities to the amount of fresh edible food going waste thanks to their apathy and arrogance. 
Is anyone really  interested in the welfare of the poor., needy, hungry and the environment which is being destroyed everyday due to tons of good cooked food being dumped into the garbage ? 
When will the FSSAI / FDA Director,  Bambolim understands that more than 5000 KGS of fresh  cooked factory food is wasted daily. 
Sitting in an air conditioned office insulates the FSSAI/FDA Officers from the stark reality of hunger and malnourishment. 
But, Madam, the HUNGER INDEX RANKS do not lie! 
Step out of your Office and take a peek in the lanes outside and have a look at the hungry parents and their malnourished children. 
We are foot soldiers working on the ground in touch with the hungry and you  FSSAI Officials are white collared people. 
Running Food Banks is not an easy and cheap service. 
We have an official license FROM FDA/ FSSAI to run a food bank. 
We also have 3 full fledged kitchens across Goa to assist our volunteers in feeding the poor . 
Manpower  is required daily to collect and distribute this food and this comes at a price – their salary. 
A very high standard of quality control and hygiene is maintained during collection and  distribution and  food unfit for human consumption is directed to  the animal farms. 
But on the brighter side, we thank all those kind hearted and generous persons who day after day drop their excess , fresh edible food In our fridges consistently since the last 5 years . 
You may never meet those malnourished children and their families but your efforts go a long way in alleviating their hunger.  
On their behalf we thank you sincerely for your generosity. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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