2.12.2022. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE provides the best health facilities in all our shelter homes to our friends 
( the homeless ) and I am sure we are doing the best we can inspite of being a very small NGO . 
Our NGO has set up 3  Physiotherapy units, 2 units are in house units in South Goa and 1 unit is at our registered office in North Goa & the most severe cases of physical disabilities in our homes is being tackled on a war footing. 
It pains me to see some one bed ridden or some one on a wheel chair or some suffering from Stroke and those just getting incapacitated. 
Thanks to all our benefactors who made these 3  Physiotherapy centre's a reality &  the Social Welfare Department Government of Goa, I am all pumped up to go all out to get each and every friend of mine in the shelter home up , standing,  walking if not running. 
We have INTRODUCED A TILT BED &  5 of our shelter homes have one TILT BED each . 
SO what is a TILT BED & for whom is it ? 
Tilt table ( BED ) is a padded table in the size of a single bed, that can be elevated from horizontal position to vertical position. It serves as an integral part of therapy for physiological and psychological accommodation to an upright position. 
It is used in a therapeutic setting for physiological accommodation to upright position, facilitate early weight bearing,  and cardiovascular conditioning. 
Early weight bearing is essential to facilitate proprioception in the joints. This promotes quicker adaptation to an upright position. The patient also gets used to postural pressure changes (hypertension/hypotension). 
It also helps to improve the psychological state of mind of a bedridden patient who has not been standing for months or years. 
With proper guidance and training a tilt table can be used to promote early standing which  helps for rehabilitation of walking in the later stages. 
As an added bonus it can be used as a regular bed due to its size and shape. 
One particular friend of mine in the shelter home has and can't stand up alone for years and whenever he is strapped to this TILT BED he is like smiling and happy & excited. 
We are ready to give these TILT BEDS out strictly on SECURITY DEPOSIT which is fully refundable to any person who requires to use this ” only on the recommendation of a registered Physiotherapist with a valid prescription “. 
We have a good no of these TILT BEDS and they are available at our points in :
☆ Porvorim 
☆ Quepem
☆ Cavelossim 
We are working on a high speed to reach out to as many as possible suffering from all types of disabilities and Physiotherapy is one of the means to bring relief to a person who just walk or stand up right. 
These TILT BEDS are usually not available easily and many MOBILITY BANKS which give equipment out to use don't provide these TILT BEDS as its very expensive . 
We have attached a video of how the manual TILT BED works . 
Also added a picture of our physio session at our 3 Physiotherapy centre as well as 3 of our friends in one frame strapped to the TILT BED. 
It's just inner joy I get watching all these Physiotherapy sessions on the CCTV in all our units how the PHYSIOTHERAPIST come faithfully at their designated time and with love,  care and compassion perform their sessions and leave . 
Mind you 70% of our friends in all our shelter homes are suffering from mental disabilities and 90% are homeless and abandoned and the Physiotherapist are really a blessings to them. 
Incase you know anyone who is in need of mobility and is bed ridden then these TILT BEDS can be used STRICTLY ON DEPOSIT BASIS. Which is fully refundable. 
Please do forward this message to such families. 
As usual we operate through whatsapp message only on 8380097564. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848