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We are the only Shelter Home in Goa ( may be even India ) taking in same blood people from same families in pairs of Mother/ son, husband/ wife etc, suffering from multiple disabilities, 
bed ridden & sickness and that too absolutely FREE of COST . 
We @ Street Providence Goa are accepting and caring for all types of homeless people and goan people from families suffering from all types of disabilities but having no actual families to look after & care for them . 
Infact we have already 2 or more family members from the same family in our shelter homes, which otherwise both will be on the streets. 
We have 5 such combinations of same family members in our shelter homes. 
☆ 1. Brother & sister ( non goans ) 
☆ 2. Mother & son ( Goan ) 
☆ 3. Mother & daughter ( Goan )
☆ 4. Husband & wife ( Goan ) 
☆ 5. Mother & Son ( Goan ) 
■ Case 1 
Both are suffering from mental disabilities and are middle aged and homeless. 
Mother & father both dead . 
■ Case 2
Mother :  Polio & bed ridden .
Son :  depression & mental disabilities .
No house of their own & father died long time. 
■ Case 3
Mother : mental disabilities 
Daughter : mental disabilities 
Both are chronic & severe Cases to handle. 
This case is sad as mother lost her mental balance looking after the daughter .
No father from childhood. 
■ Case 4 
Husband : suffering from Polio
Wife : suffering from mental disabilities 
Living on the streets. 
■ Case 5
Mother :  Infected & mental disabilities 
Son : studying in school 
Father abandoned along time back when young
House totally broken down. 
Were Living & studying on the streets. 
Ever heard of even other types of Homes taking in such combinations FREE OF COST ? 
Usually such poor and genuine cases are ignored for, as rules and regulations are quoted. 
For us,  it's FIGHTING AGAINST THE TIDE & taking in such most difficult admissions is what drives us. 
God has been kind to me with all our requests always being blessed by you Benefactors who are always inspired by God to support our NGO. 
Although we are small in size and all our homes are rented,  yet we can DREAM BIG by taking in any genuine request irrespective of the sickness, age, etc . 
God gives all of us EQUAL GRACE and does not discriminate while showering his blessings on us all. 
But when such poor homeless people suffering from mental disabilities knock on the doors for shelter then do we reply and attempt to take them in ? 
Is rehabilitation only about those who can afford the fees? 
See the no of closed homes in Goa which could have been used for rehabilitation of the homeless & the poor . 
The homeless and those suffering from mental disabilities are increasing quickly & silently but we as an educated society is just not looking at this point but rather looking at the other side which is paid and those who can afford the fees. 
It's getting really tough and tiresome for our own local goans and the homeless on the streets especially for those suffering from disabilities to live a simple and secured life . 
If there are any such genuine poor goan family members suffering strictly from any types of disabilities in need of rehabilitation and care then let us through whatsapp on 8380097564. 
We will study case to case and decide. 
Has to be :
Poor local ethnic goan & ( not from across border)
Suffering from disabilities &
No other family members who can care for  them 
This service of caring for the homeless & people with disabilities ( especially mental disabilities) is not a easy, simple and cheap service. 
We require daily help, blessings, prayers and donations as practically daily admissions happen both into our homes and from our homes we admitt daily to various Hospitals 
Reaching out to the poorest of the poor is 
A DREAM WE DARE TO DREAM irrespective of the sickness or the costs Involved . 
We operate strictly through whatsapp only on 8380097564 only for all your queries 
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848