5.8.2022. 6pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA humbly requests you reading this post to pray for a Government official @ Social Welfare who is sitting with one of our file last 1 month. 
But 1st see the 2 short  videos to understand the remaining post which I wrote . 👇
U will understand how much trouble and care goes daily into dealing with such homeless people who are either paralyzed or Pwds 
As an NGO picking up from the streets and hospitals & rehabilitating homeless people for free is not a joke especially if they are suffering from disabilities. 
Especially when these homeless are old, bed ridden , stroke effected,  incapicated , persons with disabilities ( PWDs) it gets very difficult. 
Pumping pain killers and other medication is not the solution to improving their mobility . 
The only solution is exercise and Physiotherapy. 
And the Government of Goa has a fantastic scheme suited for setting up such Physiotherapy centres for NGO having a Registration certificate from the Social Welfare Department. 
We fulfill all these criteria,  namely, :
☆ 1. Valid Registration certificate 
☆ 2. We have numerous such Persons ( PWDs) 
☆ 3. We have set up the infrastructure ( clinic ) 
And guess what, we have applied exactly 1 month back . 
But the issue here is the ” asst director “” has to do an inspection which is not done and neither has informed me whether it will be done or will get it rejected. 
The asst director informs me that the file is moving in process and inspection will be done. 
1st I was told in the same dept before applying that within 10 days everything will be done . 
Then after applying I followed up and was told  : 
☆ 1. Assembly session is on, then told 
☆ 2. Code of Conduct 
But in the last few days during the code of conduct , same dept conducted activities covering PWDs & what about Code of Conduct then ? 
If an NGO like Street Providence having close to 130+ such homeless people from the streets & hospitals is treated like this , then its a big discrimination on the part of this ” Asst Director ” 
The job of looking after and rehabilitating the homeless on the sheets ESPECIALLY the persons with disabilities ( PWDs ) comes under the Department of Social Welfare. 
Here our NGO is doing the Government of Goa a service free of cost and it's our right to get the scheme in the quickest possible time. 
Just because I am not politically connected, we get this treatment ? 
And why should I use political pressure ? 
Just look around in Goa and see the no. of homeless,  the mentally unsound people, the abandoned and those with physical disabilities roaming in cities , parks and everywhere. 
And rattle your mind to find out any NGO in Goa taking in such people. 
I am extremely disappointed at the approach of this Asst Director towards our application. 
One way the public accuses the police dept of not getting the homeless / abandoned of the streets. 
Which department is actually suppose to run these shelter homes for homeless & street people ? 
It's not the Police for sure. 
We are being pushed into a corner and it's irritating me alot . 
I can easily take close to 25 such bedridden and stroke related people who are  in my home and drop them back to the respective police stations and hospitals from where I picked them up from . 
Believe me,  there is a huge crises out there in Goa regarding Street people  and homeless and no one has a fair idea how to solve it . 
One should understand the word poor, old aged , homeless , shelter home, disabled, person with disabilities etc especially if the officer is having decision making power. 
We will all grow old and loose our strength. 
But the blessing of the work one does in the younger days will bring peace and happiness in the old age especially towards the homeless and the Pwds. 
Please pray for the Asst Director. 
Asst Director you need to move quickly to help us to help such Pwd and please give us the Grant for the Physiotherapy clinic. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848