29.6.2022. 7pm IST 
Highly educated elderly Goan man having a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engerring , living on the streets last 10 years in Vasco city. 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA takes this goan man into our home. 
Both late  parents were Doctors from Old Goa . 
Father was Dr Robert & Mother was Dr Jessy 
Sad. But true . 
Simon Williams must be 68 -70 years old .👇
Simon wife expired man years ago and has no children . 
Simon has a Master Degree in Engineering from Coimbatore and claims to be a Master in diesel & petrol pumps . 
Says he worked in numerous places in Goa & 10 years back he was poisoned at his last job which made him sick, jobless and on the streets. 
Claims his house is broken down at old goa .
( may be even grabbed by now ). 
Has 2 brothers  he is not aware where they are . 
And 1 sister who is in UK. 
Has been sitting outside a religious place for the last 10 years in Vasco begging to survive and the worst freaking part is NO ONE LITERALLY HELPED HIM TO GET TO A HOME . 
About 1 month back was admitted into CHICALIM health Centre , may be by the Police,   where Dr Anil the big boss of the hospital treated him and asked our NGO to take him in . 
Dr Anil is and has been doing a great HUMANITARIAN service by not putting these homeless people back on the streets once treated at his hospital but getting them to our notice and attention for rehabilitation. 
Simon is really weak , undernourished,  stressed, disappointed and tired of being on the streets and railway station last 10 years . 
Has no teeth and alot of pain in his body. 
Most of the time I am sure that he must have been passed of as a MIGRANT and so we all have just moved on by ignoring him . 
It's raining heavily and such old, abandoned people are just having no place to go . 
We as a SOCIETY are failing this section of people daily. 
We are caught up in our own problems and issues of life . 
Once again I am appealing, IF YOU SEE SUCH genuine homeless ( priorty goans ) around sleeping or staying in the bus stops, gardens,  railway stations etc AND WHO WANT HELP TO rehabilitate, ” PLEASE GO TO THE NEAREST POLICE STATION & COMPLAIN “. 
Also get in touch through WHATSAPP only on 8380097564. 
It's getting tight helping many many out there on the streets. 
We require your help and support both financially and in kind . 
Everything is just rising and rising. 
We need your support to move forward in these services to the homeless and abandoned. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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