15.6.2022. 5pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA has been  looking after homeless street abandoned women for close to 5 years and this post is about an Assamese lady Fatima as she calls herself 
Picked up on 26.9.2018 from the vicinity of CHINCHINIM church due to the effort of then Sarpanch of Sazora Mrs Sabita. 
Attached the original post of 2018.  Pls go thru the below link 👇 
Speaks only Assamese and initially was very difficult to handle. 
Trying to locate her family last 4 years . 
Thanks to our FMCK nuns who have collaborated with our NGO to look after as caregivers these abandoned homeless street women in the last 4 years , ladies like Fatima are totally transformed and changed. 
Last few months total transformation in Fatima life. 
Fatima is totally now civilized. 
Eats , sleeps,  sits on a chair,  uses the washroom, not abusive and aggressive anymore, grown old and yet learnt to draw and use a pen and paper. 
It's never an easy task dealing with people who refuse to wear clothes,  refuse to have bath , refuse to stay in a home . 
That's the CHERRY ON THE CAKE . 
A women who once was totally deranged and naked today has surprised me by learning to draw and color. 
Attached a small video of her, how she is drawing and coloring and how she was on the streets before we rehabilitated her 
To me Fatima was a pain in my neck . 
But at times I go through such frustrations as I too get tired of the same complaints . 
But any frustration is human tendency . 
My emotions plays on me . 
I then have to think with my mind and not with my heart . 
Such people no one will FREELY look after and I just can't throw them out . 
I have to go back to my inner voice and hear what God is telling me. 
I have to see GOD in these people who have no one and nothing in this world . 
Then comes by Faith . 
We never ever put any ladies in our homes back on the streets even if they were unmanageable. 
FMCK nuns in rhe last 5 years have gone beyond their call of duty towards these homeless street women . 
Fatima has been a terrible trouble to the care givers due to her rejection by her family is what I understand in the initial three years. 
No one will ever know what and how she suffered on the streets and where is she from as she speaks Assamese which we can't follow . 
I have heard enough of complaints initially about Fatima. 
Numerous trips to hospitals , medication and we even operated her both eyes for CATARACT,  thanks to Rotary Club of Mapuca for both the free operations . 
Even though I have not met or seen Fatima in the last 8 months, I am aware she has improved alot as good reports are sent about her by the staff and caregivers. 
I feel really bad that there are many many such abandoned, lonely , deranged women in Goa either just walking and walking whole day on the streets or just sitting at bus stops, parks, public places and I can't do much . 
It's really heart breaking but our two ladies homes are full . 
We as a society fail them at times . 
We have and celebrate many days like women day , mothers day, etc but how many of us actually go one step ahead and try I am saying try to help such women who actually have nobody and get them to a shelter home and a decent life . 
Such events should be celebrated for these women, who have no one,  so that they can come out of their misery., pain and agony . 
All just pass the buck and that's it . 
We @ our NGO are trying our level best to reach out to such abandoned, forgotten and neglected women. 
As of today there are about 20+ such ladies just loitering here and there aimlessly and they require help to get off those streets, highways as the monsoon is on. 
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God bless you 
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