29.4.2022. 5 Pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA accepts this homeless goan lady into our shelter home, who has been sleeping and staying right on the streets of MAIN OLD GOA area for over 9 months, all because of this Goan gentlemen Adv Mr Xavier . 
Read on . 
Never in the last 5 years of our rehabilitation service for the homeless have I been taught to be MORE considerate to the homeless street women. 
My problem is homeless women are not easy to look after and we don't have more compassionate women care givers to look after the ever increasing homeless women in Goa . 
Today I learnt something which I will remember. 
This lady who has been living right outside his restaurant at OLD GOA for months is from SHIRODA , Ponda. 
Many many people informed me but it always has been ” let the police call me “. 
Few days back this lady was picked by the local politican and dropped to her elderly relative home in calangute. 
This lady today reached the Calangute police station saying she wants to go back to old goa as the restaurant owner Adv Xavier had been feeding her . 
Adv Xavier, was requested to reach Calangute police staton, who in turn called me. 
I initially refused to help as I am sure it's a case of Mental disabilities. 
But Adv Xavier did not give up . 
Adv Xavier inspite of being not connected to this homeless goan lady came from : 
☆ 1. old goa to calangute police station, because the lady had a card of his restaurant with her, and he was requested to come . 

☆ 2. Convinced the police to take this lady to IPHB bambolim for a check up, 

☆ 3. took the police and the lady in his car for a check up @ IPHB, 

☆ 4. Got me convinced without force that she requires rehab, as Dr at IPHB concluded she is mentally fit to be admitted in a shelter home and I have my doubts , 

☆ 5. Brought her back to calangute police station and personally came along to admitt her into the home. 
The lady has a brother,  but few months back  the brother who works in Gujarat had come to help her get off the streets, but she refused to be helped. 
No one can blame him as he tried and he is still trying and willing to help her I am told . 
We accepted her into our home finally . 
Adv Xavier says ” he has been knocking on many doors and requesting many in and around OLD GOA to help this homeless street goan lady ” 
But it was God's plan many months back when atleast more than 10 people called me in the last 9 months asking to get this lady of that area. 
I want and I wish to help more ladies on the streets who are homeless and with disabilities but I don't have Woman Care Givers full time . 
I have or I can arrange everything else but Women Care Givers is the need of the hour for me. 
Our two shelter homes for homeless woman are overloaded with close to 32 such woman being rehabilitated. 
Planning to start 2 more such homes for homeless woman very soon. 
Attached a picture of Adv Xavier . 
I don't know how long this lady will stay with us in our shelter home but 100% she requires treatment and admission at IPHB as she has been long time now living on the streets alone. 
It's going to take a long time to get her confidence back and mentally get her into well being. 
Life on the dark lonely wet streets is not a joke . 
How I know ? 
Most of our women inmates at times tell us how they are tortured and treated as they are homeless and weak . 
If only I can get good , compassionate, caring & concerned, full time  lady care givers , my big problem will be solved. 
Any one listening ? 
Please support and help such homeless street women wherever you see them . 
I apologize to all those people who called me , argued with me and got upset with me for not helping this lady before . 
But I have my limitations regarding homeless street women. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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