8.4.2022  5pm IST 
Working for the homeless , hungry and the poor with commitment and dedication always fetches you recognition , satisfaction & blessings 
♡♡♡ Thanks to HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED ( HPCL ) LPG Division @ Kundaim plant Goa for sanctioning our NGO domestic gas cylinders under exempt category without any deposit . 
Its a big quantity of cylinders as we have 8 homes at the moment plus another 4 starting soon . 
From June 2017 , all our shelter homes and food bank kitchens were using Commercial gas cylinders which we were forced to use as we are using all rented homes . 
In Jan/ Feb  2022 , the commercial gas cylinders prices increased by rs 1000 a cylinder over night and that caused alot of expense to our small NGO . 
Made a humble and desperate request to Mr Francis Nunes , Olmar Gas agency to help us get domestic cylinders . 
We made an application and submitted with alot of our clippings to Mr Resham Mittal , an officer of HPCL who along with his Senior Regional Manager, sanctioned the entire quantity of domestic gas cylinders all through Mr FRANCIS NUNES follow up . 
A commercial gas cylinder is 19 kgs Rs 2250
A domestic gas cylinder is 14 kgs Rs 963. 
HPCL usually charges deposit on each cylinder. 
We being a very small NGO working for the poorest of the poor across Goa had applied under EXEMPT CATEGORY for these domestic cylinders and were granted the entire quantity WITHOUT DEPOSIT . 
HPCL was kind enough to also provide other accessories free of cost . 
No one from our NGO met any official from HPCL 
All communications through email only and extra support personally from Mr Francis Nunes , Olmar Gas Agency ,Panjim. 
We thank officer Mr Resham Mittal & his boss for recognizing our NGO under EXEMPT CATEGORY and sanctioning our NGO our full requirements of Domestic gas cylinders without any deposit and this sanction speaks what STREET PROVIDENCE is . 
Getting something like this SANCTIONED is not an easy task from such a big GOVERNMENT CORPORATION. 
EXEMPT category is mostly for very few sectors of the government only . 
But we are doing the work of the Government in Goa by rehabilitating the homeless people without Government funding . 
Like I said in the opening paragraph,  working with commitment for the poorest of the poor will get one recognition and blessings. 
It also creates ENVY among others who provide only LIP SERVICE and this small no of them then go on complaining and digging and making trouble for our Small NGO by making complaints against our work especially in Social Welfare Department as other Government Dept don't entertain them any more . 
The best part in getting these domestic cylinders sanctioned was ” no meeting , discussion , any hanky panky  , no time wasting “. 
All transparent and within the framework in the quickest possible time. 
Prayers and Blessings  on HPCL , the factories , the senior management, the staff , their families and the dealers from all our 100+  homeless street people and over 2000 people who we feed through our food bank Program. 
Anyone who helps the poor and downtrodden, their prayers are always answered by God, through these poor peoples blessings 
Service to the poor , needy , homeless , disabled is service to God . 
Thank you HPCL for the support . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097565 / 7020414848