30.3.2022.  7 pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA today organized a small farewell for Mr Serafin Dias , SP @ Goa Police , who retires from service ,  in a very unique and innovative way just outside his office. 
Mr Serafin Dias , one of the finest offers of Goa Police who many like me will vouch for. 
A silent supporter , advisor , friend and guide to our NGO as well as the homeless on the streets of Goa , without whom our REHABILITATION program would not be where we are today. 
As a sign of gratitude , close to 90 + homeless and PWDs gathered outside his office and SHOWERED  PETALS on him as he made his  way to his office , along with waving of white flags . 
Video attached. 👇
My association with Sir Serafin goes back to 2017 , when he was Dysp Mapusa and I had just started the food bank fridge. 
My 1st attempt to meet him officially was not what I expected off. 
I was sent with a recommendation by a very senior official who is now an IAS officer but whose 1st name coincided with a top politician . 
I was made to wait outside his office for an hour. 
Possible he heard the wrong name . 
Thank God I sat there quietly. 
We got talking and I explained my views and ideas of rehabilitating the homeless. 
He immediately liked the idea and said ” Go ahead I will help as much as possible “. 
That day there was no Registered NGO . 
He suggested to form an NGO which I accepted and we started Street Providence. 
Many must be remembering Late Francis Lobo who in 2018 was lying on the streets of Mumbai asking to be taken to Goa . 
Yes we picked him up and brought him to Goa, but the home work with Mumbai Police was done by Sir Serafin . 
Many times I got into issues due to my temper and my impatience and attitude and many times I took the support of Sir Serafin to solve these issues . 
An officer who understands hunger,  poverty and homelessness. 
I can't Imagine if that day in 2017 , he did not entertain my views and ideas of the homeless In Goa . 
After his promotion to SP , & due to two years of Covid , we hardly met and there was no need to meet him , as by that time whatever systems had been created were followed and by now we had a good understanding with Goa Police regarding the homeless on the streets. 
It was just 15 days ago I picked up info about his retirement although 2 month ago , Sir Serafin had introduced me to the Health Secretary for some issues in our NGO . 
We at the NGO thought we should give him a farewell in a very unique manner as this was a unique officer. 
Usually senior Police officers never give you their personal numbers,  they will never entertain you after office hours , will never invite you over for a cup of tea , etc . 
But this officer it was different. All the above points were just the opposite. 
Sir Serafin Dias belong to a rare category of government officials who will go out of his way to help any one once he agrees to help and its within the law. 
A tough officer  to convince , an officer who will not belive views from the heart but will use the mind, an officer not to get emotional but to think beyond that, a simple yet far thinking officer is how I can sum up . 
Many many Current Inspectors and Police personnel have high regard and appreciation for Sir Serafin and many told me ” you are fortunate to have a officer supporting your program of rehabilitating the homeless “. 
Ultimately what one sows is what one reaps. 
It also takes two to tango . 
Special Thanks to our Operational Manager , 
Mr Sapnesh Salgaonkar for organizing this farewell where by 6 different buses were arranged from 6 different homes. 
Putting a plan together with Pwds is not a joke. 
Big thanks to our trustees ,  our staff and the volunteers who braved the heat and high humidity yesterday to take care of these people who stood patiently waiting to send a warm farewell to Mr Serafin Dias 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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