25.3.3022  7PM IST ( Long Post Part 2 )
For as little as Rs 4000 ( $ 53 ) , you can help a poor fellow Goan acquire his disability certificate & his UDID card ( Unique Disability ID) 
As we go through the season of Lent ,  consider helping  local Goans suffering from various disabilities and contribute generously towards this project. 
Part 1 of this project upload on 14.2.2022
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Any one suffering from Physical & Mental Disabilities is entitled to a life time aid from the Government and other benefits too 
But this requires the Disability to be certified and  a Disability Certifcate issued from the authorities, which is to be uploaded on the portal. 
After following all procedures a UDID card is digitally issued followed by the hard copy. 
Obtaining this UDID Card is a herculean task for poor, uneducated and underprivileged Person living in remote villages of Goa with little or no means of connecting to the digital Portal 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST has stepped in to bridge this gap and assist 300 such Persons complete this process and acquire the UDID Cards. 
The Social Welfare Department has  provided us data of 300 such Persons whose Cards are still not issued due to various reasons. 
We have a team of employees who are already working in rural Goa to help these 300 Persons. 
Following is the breakup Taluka wise of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs):-
South Goa  :-    
☆ 1. Salcette – 37
☆ 2. Canacona – 18
☆ 3. Murmugao – 10
☆ 4. Dharbandora  – 12
☆ 5. Sanguem – 9
☆ 6.  Quepem – 31 

North Goa :-
☆ 1. Pernem  – 18
☆ 2. Bardez –   70
☆ 3. Tiswadi  – 21
☆ 4. Bicholim  – 47
☆ 5. Sattari –  2
☆ 6. Ponda – 26 
The expenses involved  during the next  6 months for completion of this  is attached with this post. 
1. Our back office team calls the PWD and takes an appointment with the PWD. 

2. The field officers visits the home of the PWD and checks the paperwork and updates the back office staff . 

3. Back office staff uploads the data into the PORTAL and follows up with the designated person for this project in the Social Welfare dept. 

4. From here the application goes online to the following hospitals 
South Goa : District Hospital 
North Goa : District Hospital,  GMC , IPHB 

5. The staff here again link up with our team and grants the appointment for their assessment. 

6  Once the appointment is given , the field officer confirms this with the PWDs. 

7. On the appointed day , our driver picks this PWD and takes them with their family members for their assessment and drops them back home. 
A lot of time, effort  and co ordination needed to ensure each PWD is taken care through this process . 
Actually Persons With Disabilities are required to acquire their own disability certificate & UDID. 
So why is STREET PROVIDENCE  doing this service ? 
Most of the homeless people in our Shelter Homes are PWDs. 
We  had a hard time acquiring these documents for them.  But we learnt a lot and now are well versed in this exercise. 
The Doctors who certify the Disabilities are know to our team members . 
But for a COMMON man who is a PWD it's very tiring and stressful as most have never ever been to the big government hospitals. 
And all these 300 are NIZ GOENKARS or POGO. 
So if you undetstand poverty and despair then I request you to support this project. 
The Calculation is simple 
300 pwds * Rs 4000 = Rs 1200000. 
That's the budget for 6 months for obtaining the UDID  for these 300 Pwds. 
If any company can support us under CSR  or any individual can support these bills on a monthly basis or if you can take up a couple of such Pwds , please do let me know . 
I have attached the list of the Pwds with their different disabilites for both North & South Goa. 
If more data is required feel free to connect with us . 
All data can be understood if you visit us in our office. 
But please do support this 
At the end of each month we will upload the work done so that you are aware of how many disability certifcates & UDID Cards are generated. 
You get 50% rebate under section 80G of the 
INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
We accept only CHEQUES / NEFT with your pan card copy . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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