18. 2.2022  7pm IST 
Our NGO , today received a brand new Ambulance, at the hands of 
Shri Om Prakash Mishra , SBI , Dy Marketing  Director , HR & CDO,  SBI , Corporate Centre ,  Mumbai under,  CSR Activity . 
This Ambulance Will be used for our shelter Homes inmates and for the transportation of the people with Disabilites to acquire the Disabilites certificate & UDID card from North Goa . 
On 14.2.2022 , we had uploaded a post on social media asking for help for a new Ambulance. 
And that post was Part 1 asking for an Ambulance for the transportation of People with Disabilities to acquire their disability certificate & UDID Cards both in North Goa & South Goa . 
Well God answered my prayers, through 
Mr Kamat, CSR Manager , SBI Goa. 
For close to three years , we have been trying to get an Ambulance under CSR from SBI . 
☆ 2019 , Mr Karl , now retired from SBI , was then incharge of CSR , but due to touch and go situations, we could not get thru . 
☆ 2020 , AGM Mr Sanjay Kumar Gupta of SBI , Margao,  tried to help us but that did not succeed. 
☆ 2021 , we approached Mr Kamat , he tried but by then new CSR rules were implemented and we reached no where. 
☆ 2022, Again Mr Kamat tried and we succeeded. 
Our work went on and increased inspite of the yearly set backs. 
Set backs & disappointments , make me and my team stronger and more determined to go ahead. 
Running an NGO, one needs to have all required papers,  licenses and updated documents on yearly basis as Rules keep getting tighter and tighter . 
♡♡ Thanks to our Chartered Accountantant , Mrs Neeru Agnihotri & her husband Mr Biom Agnihotri for applying and acquiring all required legal documents for our NGO and at times going over board inspite of their busy schedule. 
Getting a donation / grant  /  funding under CSR is not easy and not a child play especially from such a big PSU like State Bank Of India. 
Your yearly accounts,  
Renewed Ngo license for AY 20-23 till AY 26 – 27,
Upgraded certificate for 12 A & 80 G ,
Csr No ,
etc , list goes on 
Are some of these documents which should be in place  
Besides , one's activity in the NGO should be really able to capture the mind of the  company giving the CSR fund. 
One thing our NGO never lobbies or use any influence to get any such grants. 
☆ December 2021 , Governor of Goa handed over a big cheque as a grant to our NGO. 
☆ January 2021 , High Court of Bombay , granted our NGO a grant of Rs 5 lacs . 
☆ February 2022 , SBI under CSR handed over a new Ambulance worth rs 15 lacs . 
This is all due to The Grace of God and the our AVAILABILITY ( not ability) to reach out to so many poor , hungry , abandoned,  homeless people as well as people with disabilities. 
We run close to 15 projects simultaneously across Goa daily . 
Most of our programs are unique in nature in Goa and never ever attempted by any one . 
Big thanks to our :
▪︎ Trustees ,
▪︎ Employees & staff ,
▪︎ Benefactors who are supporting us for 4 years ,
▪︎ Government officials especially Goa Police,
▪︎ Volunteers and rest incase I missed out . 
The ability to hold such a big team together and daily deliver requires Skill , experience , Education qualification, vision, passion & criticism. 
I thank God for Good health , a mind of Christ , a fantastic wife and children at home , who most of the times are bored with the talks of the NGO I take home . 
I end by saying ” God bless you all for the monthly support especially our numerous benefactors “. 
Please support our NGO generously. 
You get 50% rebate under section 80G of the 
INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
We accept only CHEQUES / NEFT with your pan card copy . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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