31.1.2022  11am IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR , SANGOLDA , Installs a fridge at Quepem Police Station to accept all types of cooked extra food instead of throwing it out . 
Yes,  you read right . 
A food bank fridge in the police station. 
Picture attached of the fridge in the station. 
♡♡ Thanks to Inspector Mr Deepak Pednekar of Quepem Police station for understanding the words  “HUNGER & HOMELESSNESS “. 
Also a big clap to our Volunteer from Curchorem,  Mr Akash Pednekar ( not his relative ) who also is incharge of our Quepem home for taking the Inspector along to support such a wonderful cause of collecting extra food for the poor and homeless,  by installing a fridge in the police station. 
♡♡ Thanks to our benefactor Mr Antonio Fernandes for donating this fridge. 
It's been a month since we started our home at Quepem for the homeless street men with disabilites. 
Many times people from this area and surrounding areas wish to give food at night but our home closes by 9pm. 
In the last 2 years , due to the pandemic many of our Food bank fridges were shut as volunteers health was more important than the food . 
Besides all types of functions,  weddings , events,  etc have been curtailed due to the pandemic. 
But now with things slightly picking up,  I feel there will be some extra food which can be given to our food bank fridges which will be 1st sent to our shelter homes for consumption . 
This fridge will serve two purposes : 
☆ 1. Whenever there is extra food especially at night , it can be dropped in plastic bags or silver foil into the fridge and by morning it will be taken to our shelter homes by our volunteers. 
Police stations are open 24 hours and that's a big advantage to the society. 
☆ 2. When the fridge is empty in the day time , IT CAN be used by the staff to store their water bottles as Sumner is around the corner and a cool drink of water is most refreshing to these Police personnel who at times work in hot and humid conditions. 
Note : most of the Police Stations ie 25 nos have our water purifiers which our Ngo donated in 2019 , and as such , besides getting purified water , now the police Personel can also drink cool water stored in the fridge. 
These fridges will be cleant and maintained by our volunteers during the week. 
Once this fridge concept settles down at Quepem Police Station,  we will try to install more such fridges initially where our shelter homes are located by approaching the concerned Inspectors. 
In this way :
☆ 1. Our Ngo gets the extra food whenever any one drops . 
☆ 2. Police personnel get chilled cold water to drink by using these fridges when there is no food in the fridges
☆ 3.  Police Personel can also give food incase they see any such homeless people hungry at night on their rounds incase there is some snacks or light meals in the fridge. 
But above all , I understand that alot of Inspectors have compassion and concern for the hungry & homeless in Goa. 
This May 2022 , will be close to 5 years of our food bank Program and I thank alot of people who have come forward to support the hungry in Goa by donating extra food to our fridges. 
The day Goa Police Inspectors understanding that a small fridge of 1 mtr * 1 mtr is worth installing in their stations , we will be back on track of saving good food being thrown out and feeding hundreds if not thousands through our existing volunteers right across Goa . 
Feeding the hungry is our dream and rehabilitation of the homeless is our service to Society supported by  Goa Police . 
With food inflation rising, cost of basic food items increasing and the cost of commercial gas cylinder now costing Rs 2150 , food bank fridges are our only solution to rehabilitating more homeless street people. 
Please donate extra food by contacting us well in advance as we can arrange the volunteers or always drop your extra food in our nearest food bank fridges. 
Please support our NGO generously. 
You get 50% rebate under section 80G of the 
INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
We accept only CHEQUES / NEFT with your pan card copy . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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Note : our motto is ” NO COOKED FOOD SHOULD BE WASTED “.