5.1.2022  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA,  runs 2  free shelter homes for the homeless street women and women suffering from mental and  physical disabilities. 
☆☆ The first Shelter Home  in mid 2018 , supported by FMCK nuns who have collaborated with us
This Shelter Home located in Calangute is funded by the State Government and a total of  10 women  are cared for here which can be extended on emergency basis to 15 max but only for a few days . 
FMCK nuns have been doing a wonderful job in providing care and rehabilitation to these street women through their care givers . 
The second Shelter Home is a matter of grave concern. 
Street Providence has yet to get some financial support from the State or Central Government despite applying and submitting all relevant documents which to the best of our knowledge are approved and that is the big disappointment . 
With elections round the corner, the respective Department seem to have no time to be concerned about the welfare of 18 such homeless women in this Shelter Home. 
Very very disappointed that Women in responsible positions, who have the  power to help the Homeless  are  washing their hands off this Shelter Home with empty excuses & promises. 
Attached is a list of Homeless, needy women cared for in both our Women's Shelter Homes. 
Presently we care for :- 
▪︎1  Abandoned Hiv positive woman ,
▪︎1  Unwed mother with mental disabilities ,
▪︎2  divorced women with mental disabilites.
▪︎11 Abandoned senior citizens with mental disabilities 
▪︎1 Abandoned polio ridden woman 
▪︎5 homeless women
▪︎2 severely mentally challenged women
▪︎1 Abandoned bedridden  women ( pampers).
▪︎3 abandoned senior citizens
▪︎1 suicidal and homeless women. 
Total 28 ladies 
Of these woman : 
▪︎20 are goan 
▪︎6 are from karnataka 
▪︎1 is from Assam 
▪︎1 is from West Bengal
The second home was started in April 2021. 
See the mix range of women including the age group and other disabilities and understand how complicated and difficult for us to look after such complicated cases . 
Caring for homeless women is more difficult as compared to men and I being a man at times, find it very very difficult to deal with the pathetic cases of women asking for help. 
The alarming situation is the increase in the number of   ” PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES ( PWD) who are  HOMELESSNESS / ABANDONED ” and no one is doing much about this . 
General homes which look after the old and  aged are full and there is a big scarcity of caregivers and labour to run these Homes. 
As a result a few have shut down and many can / might  be shutting down in the coming few years. 
And none of these homes are free as they are not Government funded so obviously they have to charge fees to sustain the operation. 
NGOs like us  are trying to fill this gap by providing free services to homeless women  & men who otherwise would be on the roads and streets. 
Even big hospitals and institutes have many many abandoned people residing there for many months and few years . 
The Government needs to be more supportive with timely grants. 
On one hand  officials say ” Homes/ Ngos  are not applying for grants “. 
But on the other hand ” Grants are not released quickly and it is not possible in Covid to repeatedly visit covid officials for the release of Grants as it is a never ending saga of promises and excuses”. 
Also at times,  officials wait……. MAY BE for a BOX OF SWEETS, and  only then  will they  move. 
My own bitter experience : 
Two years  2018 – 2019 , 2019 – 2020 , a particular Central Government scheme for homeless women was advertised costing more than Rs 2 lacs in advt cost . 
In December 2020  we were invited to apply for this scheme for two homes : 
1 in North Goa and  1 in  South Goa . 
We complied in toto only for north . 
South till date no one has applied. 
It's now 2022 and in 2 days  the Code of Conduct will be enforced and will go on for  another 4  months. 
It like 17 months and yet no one knows when it will be sanctioned. 
So this budget has been unutilised for 3 accounting years ……..and I wonder if this is okay with the officials!!!!! 
The 3rd wave has begun and where do we expect homeless street women to go ? 
We are in the process of starting another home in South Goa to take in another 20 ladies provided there is Government support. 
But without Government grants it's very very difficult and that is a big big disappointment. 
Our main shortfall is ” we are not politically connected and as a result the wait  is killing “. 
Prayers and Blessings are my only solution . 
I pray that the 4 lady officials who are in a position to process Grant's to the Women's Shelter Home could have done much more for these 18 homeless ladies.  
Do they feel  the pain and troubles of these homeless women as they go back to their comfortable homes? 
Do we know who will be abandoned by their own families and be homeless? Because only then one will understand such issues and real pain . 
I have experienced being near homeless,  near hungry , unemployed,  sick,  penniless,  desperate so its easy for me to relate to such matters and freely write without fear of anyone. 
Some reading my posts may feel it's a bit harsh , rash or I am straight forward , but feel free to accompany  me and my team to the streets, come and sit our homes , visit institutes and hospitals and bring along  a couple of handkerchiefs and a small bucket too, as I guarantee you there will not be a dry eye after listening to and seeing the conditions of Street people. 
And then judge me for the post. 
In conclusion, I must mention that last New Year we started on a sad note when we were forced to moveout of our South Goa home and this New Year –  Grants that were due to be released before the Code of Conduct for 18 homeless ladies is being with held despite all conditions being adhered too. 
Rest I leave you to understand what I should do or what would you do if you were in my shoes . 
Our NGO primary focus is rehabilitation of the homeless street people both men & ladies. 
Which we are doing last 4 years. 
To eradicate Homelessness in Goa is my priorty . 
Support us in whatever way you can. 
We offer you 50% exemption under 80G on your donations. 
Donations only through cheque /NEFT along with your pan card copy . 
Twitter : @streetproviden1 
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848