11.12.2021  1pm IST 
Today as a goodwill gesture , we donated a brand new Photo copying machine ( Xerox) to Mapusa Police Station , for all the support given in particular by this police station in the last 4 years to our NGO . 
♡♡ Thanks to Savio D' cruz , from Global Enterprises , Porvorim , who is a dealer for this brand, RICOH, who gave us a special discount and a very big discount as it was going for a cause plus credit facility . 
The discount was like get 2 and pay for 1. 
Good offer for a good cause only for our NGO. 
But why this machine and this police station ? 
Well for over a few weeks I am seeing in this police station, the Xerox machine has an issue and 100s if not thousand people enter this station. 
Image if you went to a police station to write a complaint and required a photo copy and were told to go out to get a photocopy and come back , what would be your reaction ? 
Especially if you were old , at no fault,  some one else had complained against you , etc . 
We will surely have grumbled , cursed , passed a few negative comments, etc . 
And this is a very big police station handling numerous types of cases including homeless street people. 
If I can avoid such negative energy being released from so many people getting disappointed because the police station does not have a another Photo copying machine , then I am blessed. 
If this same photocopying machine can help the police with their numerous chargesheets and other police matters , then I am blessed . 
It's CHRISTMAS SEASON , and what better way to bring a small smile on 100s if not 1000s visiting this station. 
I had saved some money &  had decided to Paint my home this Christmas but on second thoughts I will skip the painting and pay for this machine . 
Our Ngo is not paying for this machine . 
From the time i decided to start rehabilitation of homeless street people in 2027  , this police station,  headed by then Dysp Mr Serafino Dias & PI Mr Tushar Lotlikar , went out their way to provide all help to the homeless In and around the entire Mapusa city & Mapusa SDPO. 
Extremely polite and understanding Inspector 
Mr Tushar. 
This is my personal view about him . 
Close to 175 such homeless people must have come through this one police station alone in the last 4 years. 
It's transfer time and we are not sure where the Inspector Mr Tushar will be transfered but we have seen how his entire team , consisting of 
Police Sub Inspectors , head constables and other staff have taken trouble to provide help to the homeless street people. ( I know it's their job, but usually such poor people are just shoved away) 
Today alot of his former staff are in other police stations and we see how they go out of their way to complete all formalities in quick time. 
Today , Dysp Mr Uday Parab , SDPO , Mapusa,  has promised to extend the same support through his entire 3 police stations,  towards the homeless street people in his jurisdiction as the no of homeless both Goan & non goans are increasing as tourist season has started. 
I have sone basic principle :
” 1st I should sow , then I will reap ” 
” Give cheerfully “
” don't ask why the government can't give , if I can help , I should do it ” 
Rehabilitation of the homeless is whose job ? 
You all know the answer. 
But we are consistently doing this work,  with no financial support as of today in any of our men's home from the Government of Goa and its okay . 
Its my giving back to Society . 
It's our calling to work for the poor homeless disabled street people be it Goan & non goan . 
All are children of God . 
No one should sleep on the streets. 
Ours or any rehabilitation program can't be running without the support of Police dept as they are the 1st contact for all the homeless. 
When you see a homeless,  the 1st thing you do is call 100. 
With not many designated homes for such homeless people , what can the poor police dept do ? 
They can't keep any homeless in the station as they are not criminals. 
That's where our NGO comes in . 
Of late, the support of the Goa Police is been slack and not very good . 
I understand there are too many protests , too many dignitaries visiting Goa,  too many politicians coming to goa for election purposes , covid over stress last 18 months , etc. 
This gesture is just a reminder to all Inspectors especially in the big cities of Goa , that we @ Street Providence are concerned about your police station but please get the actual homeless people off the streets especially the old , disabled,  sick , the women with small children. 
Our NGO is ready in this month of December to take in Upto 50 + men as its the season of CHRISTMAS. 
God Bless you always 
Donald Fernandes 
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