5.12.2021 4 pm IST 
With all humility and with profound happiness,  I have been awarded ” The Giving Economy Changemakers ” by The GEC organized by CROWDERA on 4.12.21 at Panjim Goa . 
The UN  had laid down 17  sustainable development  goals ( SDG) to transform our World in 2015 , and our NGO work is based on the first three goals. 
I had always told myself,  that under no circumstances would I ever apply for any award or would I accept any order as I believed that the work I do with my team is a calling from God . 
But after much persuasion by my team and after being nominated and informed by the organizers that I have been nominated,  I accepted the award and sent my details as required. 
Our work of :
☆ Ending poverty 
☆ Zero hunger 
☆ Better health facility to the disabled 
Is in sinc with the organizers objective of sustainable development  goals ( SDG) to transform our World. 
This award is dedicated to all our  Trustees ,
team members , volunteers , collaborators , benefactors , well wishers . 
Our Ngo , Street Providence runs a big complex operation , in Goa with a dedicated team and numerous volunteers and I am only one small part in this NGO. 
The success of any NGO also depends on various Government departments especially the operations we run in rehabilitation of homeless street people. 
And two particular departments I wish to thank :
Health & Police . 
By accepting this award , I understand that my team & myself can play our very small part to change and shape the lives of numerous poor goan people in Goa. 
In the new year , With the Grace of God and our benefactors,  our team will be reaching our to close to 150000 poor goan people . 
Yes,  One Lac , fifty thousand people. 
We have two big projects starting very soon . 
Will share the details later. 
Thanks to the organizers for conducting this felicitation ceremony in Goa this year and also recognizing the works of many other goans from different fields, who were felicitated at the same venue yesterday . 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848