1.12.2021  5 pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST,  SANGOLDA , GOA today completes 4 years , since we started our 1st shelter home for the homeless street people in porvorim on this day. 
Its been a wonderful experience In picking up close to 500 homeless people , right from 1.6.2017 till 30.11.2021 ( when for few months we were in NCH , calangute till 30.11.2017 ) . 
At one point of time we had 9 homes across Goa. 
Today I thank God for the Calling, which at times I wonder why me ? 
I must be one of the most impatient man , many of you have ever come across . 
But God gives me daily that little extra strength, love, Grace & patience. 
Plus I have a very big , team which is extremely PATIENT & COOL. 
Running rehabilitation homes dealing with people with multiple sickness , especially various types of disabilities requires patience which those who know me , will understand I am WORK IN PROGRESS regarding PATIENCE . 
Thanks to our :
♡ Trustees both past & present ,
♡ Generous benefactors, 
♡ Employees,volunteers, staff ,
♡ Government of Goa ,
♡ Archdiocese of Goa ,
♡ Sr Fatima & Sr Vandana,  FMCK congregation,
♡ St Michael Trust,  Assnora
♡ Numerous Government officers ,
♡ Goa Police, 
♡ All our landlords who have provided the homes at very low rent / free .
♡ Doctors at IPHB & GMC
♡ Etc. 
Without whose support these 4 years would not be possible. 
In 2019 , I dreamt of helping and rehabilitating 500 homeless such people in Goa . 
The dream derailed/ delayed due to 2 years of covid . 
But that dream is back on track and by this year end , we will have a capacity of 200 homeless people with 6 homes running across Goa . 
Still short of 500. 
Homeless and hunger is something which is increasing year by year . 
Alot of our own goans are turning homeless due to many reasons :
▪︎ Socio economic 
▪︎Job losses 
▪︎Migration by family members 
▪︎Disintegration of nucleus family like old days 
▪︎Change in lifestyle and fast life 
▪︎Etc . 
Few things I learnt in the last 4 years in the running of these rehabilitation homes :
☆ 1. Faith in God 
☆ 2. Grace of God 
☆ 3. Favour of God 
☆ 4. Patience ( which I am daily trying to develop ) 
Last before I end , I must shout out and thank the current team who assist 
me 24 * 7 :
▪︎1. Joanita Pinto , Adv Caroline , Freddy Mendez
▪︎2. Sapnesh Salgaonkar & Orlando Mesquita 
▪︎3. Douglas Pinto & Sudarshan Chari 
▪︎4. Mrs Tanaya & Miss Tanvi 
▪︎5. John Pinto & Akash Pednekar
▪︎6. Sr Lilian & Sr Rekha ( FMCK ) 
There are many people who know me and the above team who run this big complex operation and surely you must be wondering how does all these cool and calm people actually gel and work with this impatient and ever demanding and strict man. 
The answer is simple ” where I am weak , they are strong , where they are weak I am strong “. 
I am WORK IN PROGRESS on acquiring more PATIENCE . 
Once again with all humility , I say thank you all for the prayers , wishes and blessings during these last 4 years . 
Twitter : @streetproviden1 
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848