30.10.2021. 6 Pm IST 
A big Clap to Dr Gopal from GMC who for the last few weeks has been constantly requesting help to get this homeless man , treated at GMC . 
☆ Karan is a homeless man and was admitted a few weeks back for a broken hip / leg . 
Attached a 1 min video 👇
Also attached his picture incase anyone recognizes him . 
Dr Gopal understood that once Karan recovers he will need to go to a home for after care and rehabilitation. 
Due to many reasons we avoided taking him . 
But with Diwali around the corner, our team finally decided to accept Karan . 
If not for Dr Gopal constant follow up with us , karan would have ended up back on the streets In Goa . 
We are the only Shelter Home in Goa accepting homeless poor street people inspite of all our houses being full. 
Karan is totally weak and can't balance himself properly but in 6 months from now should be able to walk and work. 
If any such homeless people are stuck up in any Government Hospital / PHC / UHC in Goa and require a place to stay and recover , we will accept for free . 
Conditions apply on case to case basis. 
If we can manage to look after and provide after care, then we will only accept. 
Otherwise that patient will need more time to recover in the hospital before moving them to our homes . 
If any Doctor , nurse , etc know such poor homeless men abandoned in any Government hospital and requiring help,  pls let me know only thru whatsapp on 8380097564. 
1st Priorty will be for homeless Goans and on case to case basis , provided the patient can walk,  use the washroom and not incapacitated besides other conditions 
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INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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