13.9.2021  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA , picks a goan man today practically from the streets , highly diabetic, on the verge of depression, highly stressed as his parents and his wife & children have disowned him. 
But none to blame at the moment as we don't know who is telling the truth. 
♡♡ Thanks to :
☆ 1.  A Parish Priest who opened his doors for few days and allowed this man to stay in the church premises. 
☆ 2. A restaurant owner, who gave him my number to get help  ( where he was working last few months and the owner found him slipping into depression & loosing weight and keeping aloof )
☆ 3. Orlando our volunteer from Benaulim,  who  met him , assured him of help, took him for a medical check up , got him to a notary where he self declared that he is disowned and homeless as he had his documents and identification. 
The goan man is educated in UK and his father was a CHIEF ENGINEER on the ship. 
But looks like there are many other issues. 
If this person did not get help soon , he would turn to a vagabond moving around endlessly as he already is turning crazy. 
Looks like he has lost alot of weight,  grown a beard , blood pressure quite high and thinking all the time but talking a bit of sense at the moment. 
Desperate to get a place to stay and food to eat . 
He knows he won't make it if he does not get off the streets. 
The way he was talking to me on the phone,  I sensed his desire to start afresh his life and come back to his normal life . 
We will take him to a good Doctor for treatment as well as to the IPHB as he requires to cool his mind . 
Feel bit disappointed that inspite of being the only son and having a family yet no one wants him . 
But like I said in the beginning,  thanks to the Priest and the restaurant owner for trying to help him. 
Thanks to Spirit of God , for inspiring him to call me and ask for help. 
Usually such educated people feel ashamed to call and just wander on in life and loose their mind . 
Everyday we are flooded with such requests and we always try to help . 
Some cases require only Police intervention especially when one is on the streets and is unknown as legal paperwork is very important. 
If you know any such goan people ( 1st priority) either on the streets or in depression or mentally unsound mind or just abandoned , do let me know only thru WHATSAPP on 8380097564. 
No calling please 
We will study the matter and surely help if we can , but on case to case basis 
We require your support and help to reach out to them who are HELPLESS & homeless. 
Support us in whatever way you can. 
Donate generously to our NGO. 
We offer you 50% exemption under 80G on your donations. 
Donations only through cheque /NEFT along with your pan card copy . 

Twitter : @streetproviden1 
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848