16.8.2021  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA  today presents our  short stay / mid way home for men with disabilities and the result is very satisfying  to be happy about . 
On Independence day , the men in our home in Cavelossim,  hoisted a flag , sang the national anthem and cut the ribbon for a small nursery that is started in this premises in Cavelossim. 
Most of these men are mentally as well as intellectually disabled. 
We have a superb volunteer from Benaulim , Mr Orlando Mesquita , a full time civil Engineer who has been running this home for us for the last 4 months and has been associated with us for over 4 years . 
Orlando is a man with Green Fingers and can be contacted on 9011057972. 
With a huge man power at his disposable,  Orlando has started a small nursery in our home in Cavelossim. 
He makes the men husk the coconut outer shell and that produces Coco Peat powder which is very good for home & lawn garden plants. 
He also gets the men to dry cow dung and makes that into powder. 
Both these are mixed up and put in the soil which is used in the nursery. 
Please support these men with disabilites by buying these oxygen generating indoor plants which will be sold between 6 pm to 7 pm only by Orlando. 
Orlando occupies 6 such men everyday for about 4 hours daily. 
Orlando also uses another 6 men to clean up and get ready a big field in Carmona which he owns and is very fertile. 
On a trial basis , the men planted lady fingers covering an area of 100 Sq Mts and the results are astonishing. 
Fruit will be ready in 15 days . 
Come 8th Sept , Orlando and the men from this home will be cultivating a full fledged organic vegetable garden covering more than 1000 sq Mts which I can proudly say with confidence will be a big success . 
Like I said we have plenty of labour and this is the best way to run and utilize the man power. 
Many many people have been telling me for so many years that I am not utilizing the nan power at my homes. 
☆ 1st dealing with disabilities in men is not an easy task . 
☆ 2nd medication takes time to bring such wild and fierce men to normalcy. 
☆ 3rd any one wishing to help such men with mental disabilities need to feel and understand them and have a heart to work with these men with disabilities. 
Orlando has fitted the requirements and the criteria and results will be there for all to see. 
Attached a small video of 2 min 👇
▪︎1. The man who cut the ribbon is 77 years with Alzimers
▪︎2. The man who unfurled the flag is 75 years with some serious chest infection 
▪︎3. The young man giving the speech,  was one year ago crawling on his hands and feet,  in front of the motuary of District Hospital,  Mapusa , with serious drinking issues and totally lost his mind . 
We as a society on a whole ,  ie You and me together , can help towards the Goan PWDs ( People with Disabilties ) by creating such mid way / short stay homes across every constituency in Goa to bring that smile on their face as well give them something to look forward to in their life . 
As usual we require your support and blessings. 
Donations only through cheques / NEFT. 
We offer you 50% income tax exemption under section  80G. 
No cash donations accepted. 
We operate only through whatsapp on 8380097564 as network is an issue. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848