15.8.2021  6 pm IST 
 ♡♡ wishes you all 
A Very Happy Independence Day & Happy Feast of Assumption of Our Lady . 
Today we start a very important , complex & difficult project ” Registration for Disability Certifcate & UDID Card ” for People with Disabilities ( Pwds) in Goa. 
Which will ultimately lead to opening up of 40 short stay /mid way homes in all 40 constituencies for Pwds either funded through CSR or through the Central Government, but strictly for goans from that particular constituency. 
We are looking for Volunteers in all 40 constituencies of Goa who will have the time , energy, man power , commitment and desire to enroll close to 50000 Pwds as per my estimate. 
Pwd in Goa are in need to get registered with the Government but the paper work and trips to hospitals is what I understand is the hurdle. 
Official figures as of 2012 :
☆ Disabled in Goa                   32000+
☆ With disability certificate   12000+
☆ With UDID Cards                    4500+ 
My take is the nos should be 50000.( appr). 
Benefits of Disabilty Certificate & UDID :
▪︎Scholarship scheme for students 
▪︎Concession in railway
▪︎Free travel in state transport buses
▪︎Rebate in Income tax
▪︎Reservation in government jobs
▪︎Loan for starting own business 
▪︎Free medical facility in all government hospitals across India. 
▪︎Monthly dole varying between rs 1500 to rs 3000 
Role of the volunteer is defined in the poster attached. 
We also require volunteers who can enter the data into the online system in all constituencies as this process is an online one. 
Disability is one sector which has no religion , Caste , creed. 
Today we start our 1st Volunteer for entire Benaulim Constituency through Mrs Royla Fernandes. 
Volunteers can be :
☆ Social workers 
☆ Youth 
☆ Clubs 
☆ Ngo & Societies
☆ People who want to serve the society 
We also have as of today confirmed young  volunteers for the following constituencies :
♡ Quepem Mr Sanjil 9689579341
♡ Savordem Mr Aniket 7768992752
♡ Sanguem Mr Akshay 9834634312
♡ Curchorem Mr Akash 9527347126
♡ Benaulim Mrs Royla 9421359679 
Street Providence as an NGO Is not only going to stop at the registration part but in the coming year going to push for opening up 40 special homes in all 40 constituencies for Goans suffering from various disabilities with the local MLA or through our volunteer. 
Our 4 years as an NGO trying to eradicate hunger and Homelessness in Goa has made me understand that there is huge need to focus on people with disabilities as the nos are rising and rising quietly but surely. 
Reasons for increase in mental disability :
▪︎Job loss 
▪︎Abandoned parents 
▪︎Alcohol & banned substances 
▪︎Etc . 
We have 5 such homes in Goa , rehabilitating close to 90+ people of which 70 are PWD. 
Few years back we would pick such people from the streets. 
Today we are getting 3 to 4 requests a day from our own goan fellow citizens and we just can't accommodate. 
Each constituency will need to have such a home . 
Running such a home for people with disabilities is not difficult at all . 
Tomorrow I will upload details of one of our such homes in Cavelossim running last 3 years. 
This home last 4 months is taken care by our volunteer from Benaulim and the way he runs this home is amazing. 
He has tapped the man power in hand and Channelised all the energy into an amazing project  
But that's for tomorrow. 
Let's take a pledge today on India Independence Day to channelise our energy & resources towards poor goan people with disabilities. 
Once again all communication strictly through whatsapp only on 8380097564. 
Suggestions,  ideas,  criticism is all welcome. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848