4.7.2021 5pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA extends COMPASSION to this middle aged goan man who required a hand to start life afresh .
Hanumant has been drinking alcohol and reached a state where he can't even stand and take care of himself. 
A fall from a tree compounded his already troubled health issues and he ended up being unwanted by everyone. 
Blood has collected in his knee due to the fall .
Tomorrow he will taken to GMC for a check up .
His skin has pealed of his both tighs and that is painning him .
We were updated , approached and requested to help him get out off his misery.
When our team initially visited him , he was all weak, in unclean environment and lost in a run down , shackled old balcony. 
The day we agreed to pick him as the video will speak for itself, he was not clean to be transported to our home.
Our team, tried to clean him on the spot, put a pamper and then supported his weak body to our Ambulance. 
Such acts and deeds are only heard off in today modern day world. 
We have managed to perfect this service as most of our team members themselves were picked like this before being treated and cared for.
And one naturally understands that they have to give the same service they got earlier when they themselves were homeless. 
I remind these rehabilitated men that once okay , they need to go out and help to pick others who need help irrespective of the ground reality. 
HANUMANT will be detoxified and cared for with nutrition, medication, hospital trips and within 3 months back to normal incase it is just alcohol related. 
I appreciate our core team members, Sapnesh & Douglas and other team members for understanding and sharing COMPASSION especially during this pandemic times.
Hanumant has been shifted to our Covid Care rehabilitation hut at Assnora where he will be isolated and treated for the next 14 days. 
It's a difficult, complicated, tiring service to those looking to start life again but if planned meticulously and monitored well then results are bound to come. 
Different teams are involved in our men's rehabilitation program and all these teams work in tandem with each other on a daily basis with continous communication between all.
If you believe the word COMPASSION & that you too would like to play your part as a volunteer , partner , supporter, collaborator , benefactor then u can get in touch with us through a whatsapp message only on 8380097564.
We require your support and help to reach out to those who want to start life afresh.
Support us in whatever way you can. 
Donate generously to our NGO.
We offer you 50% exemption under 80G on your donations. 
Donations only through cheque /NEFT along with your pan card copy .
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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