2.6.2021  5pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA & STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA is attempting to distribute Rs 1 crore worth of dry ration over the next 6 months covering over 2000 families monthly,  only in Goa .
The smallest & youngest NGO in Goa , with the biggest hearts 💕
Food Bank for the poor,  Sangolda, Goa , distributes 500 kits of dry ration worth 
Rs 1000 each , to our ethnic poor goans on 31.5.2021 for the month of May 2021.
Attached a 2 min video of the distribution,  with a very practical song .👇
Earlier in the week we had distributed 250 kits of dry ration to 250 Hiv +ve poor families in Goa with a commitment that for the next 6 months we will send this ration. 
This 2nd wave coupled with the lockdown ,  job losses and high inflation has made survival of the poor ethnic goans across rural Goa, extremely difficult .
We identified and motivated our volunteers to enroll and identify the poorest of the poor ethnic goans and we are going to  support these families for the next 3 months for sure,  if not 6 months. 
This is where we gave away 500 kits of dry ration with our volunteers name & no .
Mr Akash 8767548370
▪︎1. Sanguem      50 kits 
▪︎2. Curchorem   50 kits
▪︎3. Quepem        50 kits 
Mrs sharon 9923496653
▪︎4. Canacona    50 kits

Mrs Elaine 7350537035
▪︎5.  Velim         50 kits
Mr John Baptist 9373456990
▪︎6. Fatorda     50 kits 
Mr Orlando Mesquita 9011057972
▪︎7.  Benaulim  50 kits

Mr Hassan Khan 8087080147
▪︎8. Vasco       50 kits
Sr Fatima FMCK  9767237266
▪︎ 9. Old Goa    50 kits 
Adv caroline  9822381691
▪︎10. Mapusa   50 kits 
The above 10 volunteers have been with us for a very long time serving either fresh food or dry ration kits in their respective areas .
Coming month of June 21 ,  we can add a few more families in the above list. 
Big thanks to all the above volunteers and their team members who packed these kits and redistributed the same at their own cost to the poor goan ethnic families inspite of the pandemic .
Special Praise to AKASH PEDNEKAR,  Curchorem,  who hired a van and covered a very big area right from Sanguem to Quepem in the rain distributing these 150  kits at his cost with his team of young boys.
Attached a 12 min video,  must go through and see how the village life is right from Sanguem to Quepem 👇
Thanks to all our Benefactors who month after month send us their blessings without fail .
We are determined to reach out in the next few months to different sections of society in Goa like :
☆ HIV infected families ,
☆ Ethnic poor goans,
☆ Street dwellers and marginalized people, 
Etc .
Thanks to The Word of God which gives us that strength and motivation , & allows us to reach out to so many different types of people in this big complicated and complex web of free services which we have been running systematically for the last 4 years being a very small NGO.
You need to sow the right seed to reap the fruit .
All our purchases are done through CHEQUE payments only and we only accept donations in CHEQUE / NEFT with your pan card copy. 
Tomorrow 4.6.2021, we are sending out 9000 kgs or 9 tonnes of dry ration for about 700 marginalized families across different parts of Goa which is the quota for May 21.
Each ration kit is Rs.1000
Support us in whatever way you can. 
Donate generously to our NGO.
We offer you 50% exemption under 80G on your donations. 
Donations only through cheque /NEFT along with your pan card copy .
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848